Determining the contribution of Antarctica to sea-level rise using data assimilation methods

first_imgThe problem of forecasting the future behaviour of the Antarctic ice sheet is considered. We describe a method for optimizing this forecast by combining a model of ice sheet flow with observations. Under certain assumptions, a linearized model of glacial flow can be combined with observations of the thickness change, snow accumulation, and ice-flow, to forecast the Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise. Numerical simulations show that this approach can potentially be used to test whether changes observed in Antarctica are consistent with the natural forcing of a stable ice sheet by snowfall fluctuations. To make predictions under less restrictive assumptions, improvements in models of ice flow are needed. Some of the challenges that this prediction problem poses are highlighted, and potentially useful approaches drawn from numerical weather prediction are discussed.last_img read more

Norway grants drilling permit for well 7221/4-1 in production licence 609

first_imgThe drilling programme for well 7221/4-1 relates to the drilling of a wildcat well in production licence 609 Norway has issued drilling permit for well 7221/4-1. (Credit: Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has granted Lundin Norway AS a drilling permit for well 7221/4-1 cf. Section 15 of the Resource Management Regulations.Well 7221/4-1 will be drilled from the West Bollsta drilling facility in position 72 36`11.44 N and 21 17`51.4 E.The drilling programme for well 7221/4-1 relates to the drilling of a wildcat well in production licence 609. Lundin Norway AS is the operator with an ownership interest of 40 per cent. The other licensees are Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS with 30 per cent and Wintershall Dea Norge AS with 30 per cent.The area in this licence consists of parts of blocks 7220/11, 7220/12, 7220/9, 7221/4 and 7220/6. The well will be drilled 12 kilometres east of the 7220/6-2 discovery.Production licence 609 was awarded on 13 May 2011 in the 21st licensing round on the Norwegian shelf. This is the 13th well to be drilled in the licence.The permit is contingent on the operator securing all other permits and consents required by other authorities prior to commencing the drilling activity. Source: Company Press Releaselast_img

One of Europe’s first cashless food-to-go outlets

first_imgHealthy food-to-go outlet Tossed has opened what it claims is Europe’s first entirely cashless store, in London.The new store, on Coleman Street, is fitted with 15 self-service kiosks that take payment by credit or debit card, contactless or Apple Pay. Tossed hopes to roll out the self-service kiosks across its 26 food outlets, and is part of a long-term strategy by the healthy food retailer to “streamline” its front-of-house operations.The firm has funded this new initiative with investment cash raised from its successful crowdfunding round on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs last September – it raised £1.27m from 661 new shareholders.Vincent McKevitt, founder of Tossed, said: “Most operators face speed and capacity issues at lunchtime, but ours are intensified because we make our food fresh-to-order and most guests like to customise their food to suit their health and taste requirements.“This unique point-of-sale solution allows our team to focus their energy on our speed of production.”last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Yonder’s Mountain String Band’s Adam Aijala Reflects On NWSS And Details The Band’s Future

first_imgAfter Yonder Mountain String Band‘s exhaustive weekend as the host band of the Northwest String Summit we thought we would give guitarist Adam Aijala a few days to gather his thoughts before chatting with him about his perspective on the crowd-pleasing affair–It’s only fair to let the man catch his breath having just finished three headlining sets that featured a parade of guest stars and an entire album recreation of Pink Floyd’s Meddle. As fans continue to rave about the weekend’s wide-ranging setlists and picture-perfect weather, we took the time hear from the mellow man on the six-string himself:18 Unbelievable Performances From Northwest String Summit [Videos]Live For Live Music: How long does it take you to recover from a “Host Band” gig like the Northwest String Summit?Adam Aijala: I didn’t really party that much so I was pretty much fine. I just had too much to do! Every night after a show is when I would normally get into some trouble, but I had stuff to do the next morning so I thought “yeah…probably better not. That kept me from feeling too bad afterwards.”L4LM: How involved is Yonder in the planning phases of the “Strummit?”AA: Well, we don’t actually own the festival so not that much at all really. We’ve been asked for ideas in the past, and they are totally open to ideas from us if we have a band we really want to have there, but we don’t pick the bands. Our main involvement is playing a whole lot of music all weekend long.L4LM: I suppose that fact removes the temptation for you to hold a spot at NWSS over your friends and their bands’ heads all year long…AA: No…but that isn’t a bad idea. You’re helping…L4LM: Let’s do a little post-game look at the Northwest String Summit while we have this time. Yonder pulled out all the stops during the fest, including a particularly awesome adaptation of Pink Floyd’s Meddle (1971). After last year’s excellent take on Floyd’s Animals was this just you all really wanting to do some more Floyd?AA: We threw around some other, y’know, not Pink Floyd ideas but it came back to, for me at least, the fact that I have always loved Meddle. I mean sure, we would like to have gone all out and done The Wall…but that is a LOT of material. I think there’s what, twenty songs on there? Considering this is all for a fun, one off show that just seemed like too much work.I know a lot of jam bands do the “Cover An Album” thing, but The Wall is something beyond that. If we were gonna do a whole tour or something, sure…but we really just wanted to do something as a treat for us and the Kinfolk. So we needed to pick something that we could learn and that we all really loved. Well…not so much Jake (Joliff). He didn’t really grow up listening to rock and roll. It’s not like he didn’t like the album either, he just didn’t grow up listening to it like the rest of us.It’s a weird album from Floyd. It was the one of the last albums where everyone was contributing songs instead of adding parts to something from the singular song writers vision. The albums became more cohesive when Roger Waters took the reins. Songs on Meddle like “One Of These Days” and “A Pillow Of Wind” which follows it on the album…you can’t get much more different than that stylistically. Even tunes like “Days” and “Echoes” don’t really sound similar at all.Watch video of Yonder Mountain String Band’s 7/14/17 rendition of “One Of These Days” from Northwest String Summit below courtesy of Rex Thomson:The lyrics on Meddle aren’t as political as they would later get either. I probably didn’t hear the album all the way through until college, though I probably had heard “One Of These Days” sometime before then. When I first heard Floyd it wasn’t that long after The Wall that I discovered them. My friends and I were learning, and some of the older kids and even older siblings steered us towards the rest of the stuff. My sister, who is two years older than me, turned out to be great for turning me onto music. These days you just go to iTunes or Spotify. But back in the day it was hard unless you had somebody to help point the way.L4LM: Those services have changed the musical landscape forever. The real issue to my mind is the sensory overload that can accompany having a limitless set of choices.AA: Exactly. You get in there and it can totally overwhelm you. I’ve talked to people on both sides of the fence regarding the value of these kinds of services. Some folks like it but some folks can’t figure a good way to digest it all.Sometimes I play a game with it. When I get up in the morning I take the first band I think of and I play one of their songs and then just let the algorithms take me on a journey from there. Or a genre. But it is a fun way to discover new stuff. There are pros and cons to it I guess, but for me it is just a fun tool.L4LM: You just released your new album, Love. Ain’t Love, and it is out there on these services. Do you trust these formulas to help spread your music?AA: There are a lot of bands of a similar size as ours around the world. If you just listen to the radio and don’t really seek out music like ours, you won’t ever hear of us. I go play golf in Boulder and sometimes someone will ask me what I do and they will have never heard of me. So I think everything helps.Unless you have a friend who digs us you can easily just never know our music. There are a few other roads too, of course. Live For Live Music is good for that, for helping bands get heard. It lets people know if you like bands like Phish or the Dead you might find us through that. I mean, you might not just have us pop up in Spotify or Pandora…but maybe you might! You never know.L4LM: When we recently spoke with Ben Kaufmann, he talked about how much you had all enjoyed the recent studio experience and that you were leading the way back. Are you planning on doing a fast follow up to Love. Ain’t Love?AA: Yeah, as far as songs that are done done, as in ready to perform live…there is maybe one almost there. There is a lot of stuff in the works. Dave (Johnston) actually started three songs a while ago now. We are gonna be getting together a bit off and on to start pulling those together. I like to get everyone’s input as well. I’m sure Ben touched on that when he talked to you.EXCLUSIVE: Yonder’s Ben Kaufmann Talks New Album, Horning’s Hideout, And Keeping The Crew HappyDave is amazing with lyrics and vocals. I write a lot of scratch vocals instead of the “La La LAAA” stuff. I like to say something, even if it isn’t anywhere near what the vocals will eventually be. Dave is really good at pulling things out of those though. The words will be about what the music evokes, or maybe what I was feeling when I wrote it and he finds ideas and brings them out.L4LM: We are all just happy to hear you are looking to embrace a far more regular release schedule.AA: Absolutely. I don’t think you have to worry about us in that regard any more. We have a lot of ideas floating around and a lot of positive energy to put behind them.Watch Yonder perform “Take A Chance On Me” from their latest disc, Love. Ain’t Love from 7/15/17 at Northwest String Summit below, via Rex Thomson:L4LM: Though much of the scene you’re in is based around exploratory jamming, you still need to have fresh material to launch from. It’s interesting to watch improvisational bands tighten down the screws and make a recorded and semi-definitive version of their tunes.AA: I can think of bands that I prefer their live shows…and I suppose to some people we fall into that category. But I’m with you, I like to see what bands come out of the studio with. I love the quality you can get…the time you can spend on making it. The whole point of it is that you can do different things in the studio. And yeah…maybe sometimes you end up creating something you can’t recreate or you need to re-interpret onstage. But I think that’s okay.L4LM: At the Northwest String Summit you had your usual wonderful problem of having so many of your friends want to join you. The charge included some of your oldest collaborators, Danny Barnes and Darol Anger. That has to feel pretty comfortable.AA: Oh yeah, definitely. Danny is in the area so he is usually at Strummit, and Darol, yeah, over the years Darol is easily the most worked-with. We haven’t been seeing him as much though…not since Allie (Kral) joined the band. They’re similar in that they can both play with pretty much anybody…honestly that is [Allie’s] strong suit. She can roar into any situation…Darol is like that too.You had plenty of time with both Darol and Danny on Sunday at Strummit. I asked Allie if she was into it and she said “Hell Yeah!” I was just making sure we weren’t stepping on toes and she was just wanting to get down.Watch Danny Barnes and Darol Anger make themselves at home during this thirty minute jam from the Northwest String Summit on 7/16/17:L4LM: It’s safe to assume no one was against Danny Barnes sitting in…and even if they were, what could they do? The guy is eight feet tall!AA: Danny is just the best musician, and so under rated. I talked to some folks about it recently…and there were a couple theories floating around. One of them sounded right to me. It’s that Danny only does what he wants to do musically, what he truly believes in. You’ve got his bluegrass stuff, his solo acoustic stuff…all those experimental solo records…the Bad Livers…all that stuff he does is my sweet spot.It was funny watching his set in the tent and seeing mellow hippies come in and then leave. Not to mention the people who were trying to mosh. Some folks who just watch for thirty seconds and leave. I am constantly impressed by the songs that he writes and the music he makes. He just sent me a clip of him doing some of his newest material and I was blown away. Then I saw him on the Strummit schedule I knew I couldn’t miss that.It’s just him playing electric guitar in different tunings with finger picks and regular guitar picks…playing, like, metal. Instrumental and with lyrics, just him and this drummer Max Brody, who played with Ministry for like six years. Brody is a sick drummer, he was great. The people that were getting into it were really getting into it. It was funny to see at the Northwest String Summit.L4LM: You brought Asher Fulero and Jay Elliot back from last year’s Pink Floyd success to go for two in a row. Are they your go-to back up Yonder Floyd henchmen now?AA: They could be. Asher is another one of those incredibly good musicians like Barnes. A quick study, a good hang…great guy. Hay is an old buddy. When Yonder first started playing I met him. He was playing with a band called Runaway Truck Ramp. He’s also a sick drummer. We reconnected when he started working at the Boulder Theater.We started playing together when we could. He played at that Dylan & The Dead set I played at The Mishawaka back in 2009. After that we decided we should play together more. When we decided to do those punk and metal covers a couple years back he was out there with us.Watch Yonder get spacey during this cover of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” L4LM: Some of your onstage guests were a little bit grabby, at least when it came to Ben Kaufmann’s bass. Did someone put a bounty on him or something?AA: Well…we had Ethan (Kaufmann‘s brother) come up and do the swap-out thing with Ben, but they love that. Unless you mean when Anders (Beck, of Greensky Bluegrass) jumped in on the bass. But that is all Ben’s fault. He told Anders to do that. We’re not a pure bluegrass band, obviously, but that music is at our core. And Ben has no problem admitting that his job in this type of music can be pretty boring. So when he and Anders were trading back and forth I think he really enjoyed it. That is why you bring out guests after all…to shake things up.L4LM: Well please don’t let me keep you from writing more new music! Thanks for giving us a bit of insight into the Strummit.AA: No problem! Hope to see everybody soon.last_img read more

The Latest: Massachusetts braces for snow’s arrival, wind

first_imgMassachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says the state could expect 12 to 18 inches inches of heavy wet snow through the duration of the slow moving snow storm. He urged drivers to stay off the road as much as possible starting mid-afternoon Monday. The storm could also bring with high winds with gusts of up to 55 miles per hour along the coast and the possibility of moderate coastal flooding. The state is preparing thousands of pieces of snow clearing equipment, including plows, and will work to keep outdoor subway lines clear. COVID-19 vaccine providers will contact those with appointments if they are forced to close early.last_img read more

Blackberry Farm Brewery Releases New IPA

first_imgI can’t have nice things. I bought a nice minivan once. My son spilled grape Gatorade in it on the way home from the dealership. It’s not so nice anymore. I’ve had plenty of nice gear in my day—hyper-light tents and state of the art bikes and backpacks, and I’ve systematically ruined it all through sheer abuse and neglect. So no, I can’t have nice things. And logic would dictate that I also can’t go to nice places. Put me in a four-star hotel and I feel awkward, like I’m 13 and going through a massive growth spurt again. I tug at my shirt sleeves and accidentally knock over lamps. I’m better off camping in the backyard of nice places. In a tent that I’ve already ruined.BlackBerry Farm is a nice place I can’t go. This is an expansive 4,200-acre “farm” with a lake and cottages and restaurant, all known for its hospitality and farm to fork food program. The nightly rate is roughly the cost of my minivan, and even if I could afford it, I’d probably just end up throwing up on the 900 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. That’s just how I do.So, Blackberry Farm is out of my reach. But they also have a brewery that makes some really nice beer. And while I can’t have nice things or go to nice places, I can drink nice beer. That’s a luxury that even I can’t ruin.BlackBerry Farm started making saisons a few years ago. They come in those fancy big format bottles that make you think you should save them for a special occasion. And you should, because they’re so delicate and nuanced that you need to sit down and pay attention and contemplate them. Maybe while reading Kafka or something. But they also released a few beers in cans this summer that are far more approachable, including this IPA, which is anything but delicate. Coyote Tactics is a brash IPA in the West Coast mold, full of pine and hop resin and just enough sweetness hanging out in the background to keep it all in check. It finishes dry and will knock you on your ass at 7.3% ABV.I stumbled across it while in the middle of Tennessee a couple of weeks ago and drank an entire six pack without even realizing it. And not once did I feel awkward or out of place or knock over any lamps or throw up on expensive furniture. So maybe I can have nice things. As long as those things are beer. And I’m out in a field somewhere away from the nearest lamp.last_img read more

Police Arrest Guatemalan Citizen with $47,200 in His Intestine

first_imgBy Dialogo March 26, 2012 The Guatemalan police arrested a Guatemalan citizen who was attempting to travel to Panama with dozens of capsules in his intestine, containing a total of 47,200 dollars in cash. The individual, identified as 41-year-old Alberto Pérez Laparra, was arrested by anti-narcotics agents in Guatemala City’s airport. This is “a new method being used by gangs dedicated to money laundering, who use their own bodies to hide money they aim to take out of the country without declaring it to the authorities of the Tax Administration Superintendency (SAT),” the police report asserted. Pérez Laparra intended to leave the country for Panama on a commercial flight, but when he passed through the scanner area, hidden objects were detected. In total, Laparra was carrying 59 capsules with eight 100-dollar bills in each.last_img read more

Senate passes bill to fund gov’t until Nov. 21

first_imgThe Senate Thursday passed a short-term funding bill that would fund the government through Nov. 21. The House passed the continuing resolution last week; while the president previously indicated he would sign the bill, NAFCU’s advocacy team is monitoring closely for any potential changes.An extension must be enacted before Sept. 30 in order to avert a federal government shutdown.Included in the bill is a NAFCU-sought appropriation for the Small Business Administration (SBA) that would avert a potential shutdown of the 7(a) program and eliminate the need to raise fees. NAFCU witness Gail Jansen raised concerns about the increased fees during congressional testimony earlier this year.Authorization for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) – which was set to expire Monday – is also extended until Nov. 21 through the bill. NAFCU has pushed for a number of improvements to the NFIP, including longer-term reauthorization of the program to prevent lapses. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Pandemic flu fighter Chan nominated to lead WHO

first_imgNov 8, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – The executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) today nominated Dr. Margaret Chan, the agency’s top pandemic influenza official and a veteran of the world’s first confrontation with the H5N1 flu virus in 1997, to be the agency’s next director-general.Chan’s nomination will be submitted to the World Health Assembly for a vote tomorrow, the WHO said. News services said the assembly has always confirmed the executive board’s nominations in the past.Chan has been serving as the WHO director’s representative for pandemic influenza and assistant director-general for communicable diseases, the agency said. As director of health in Hong Kong, she confronted the first human outbreak of H5N1 avian flu in 1997, when 18 people fell ill and 6 died. The crisis ended after authorities ordered the slaughter of all 1.5 million domestic poultry in Hong Kong.If elected, Chan, 59, will be the first Chinese to head a major United Nations agency, according to news services. She will succeed Dr. Lee Jong-Wook, who died May 22. Dr. Anders Nordstrom has been serving as acting director-general.Chan had been the front-runner to replace Lee among five finalists for the job, according to a Reuters report. China, a member of the UN Security Council, had nominated her for the post, in what was seen as a sign of the country’s interest in playing a larger international role, the report said.She served as director of the Hong Kong health department for 9 years before joining the WHO in 2003. Her tenure in Hong Kong included the battle with SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2003, when Hong Kong had 1,755 cases with 299 deaths, a major share of the global toll of 8,096 cases and 774 deaths, according to WHO figures.”She also introduced primary health care ‘from the diaper to the grave’ with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention, self-care and healthy lifestyles,” the WHO statement said.Chan’s supporters had contended that her election could improve relations between the WHO and China, Reuters reported. WHO officials have repeatedly criticized China for being slow to share H5N1 data and samples with the rest of the world.Chinese Health Minister Gao Qiang promised closer cooperation between Beijing and the WHO following Chan’s nomination, Reuters reported. “China’s government will strengthen cooperation with all the member states of the WHO to contribute to a better public health,” he told the WHO board, speaking through an interpreter.After Chan’s nomination, China’s UN ambassador, Sha Zukang, smiled broadly and said he was “one hundred percent” pleased, according to an Associated Press (AP) report today.When she started to campaign for the job last summer, Chan promised she would be independent, the AP reported.”If elected, I’m not serving Hong Kong’s interests,” she was quoted as saying. “I’m not serving China’s interests. I’m serving the world’s interests. That’s a very important message to get clear.”Chan’s nomination needs approval by a two-thirds majority of the World Health Assembly, which consists of all 193 WHO member countries, according to the AP.The WHO executive board consists of 34 members who have technical qualifications in health. The United States is one of the 34 countries currently represented on the board.The board chose Chan over Mexican Health Minister Julio Frenk; Shigero Omi of Japan, Western Pacific regional director for the WHO; Spanish Health Minister Elena Salgado; and Kazem Behbehani of Kuwait, the WHO’s assistant director for external relations and governing bodies. Diplomats told Reuters that the final vote pitted Chan against Frenk.Chan earned her medical degree at the University of Western Ontario in Canada and a public health degree at the National University of Singapore, the WHO said. She joined Hong Kong’s health department in 1978, the AP reported.Mike Leavitt, US health and human services secretary, issued a statement calling Chan “a strong leader.””Dr. Chan led the successful response to the outbreaks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the highly pathogenic avian influenza,” he said. “I am confident that she will ensure WHO’s role as the premier global health agency, guided by scientific excellence and well-prepared to meet the many challenges it faces.”See also:Nov 8 WHO news release about Chan nomination 3 WHO statement about the director-general election Leavitt’s statement read more

Almost 40pc of borrowers don’t know their mortgage interest rate

first_imgNew survey finds 2 in 5 borrowers don’t know their mortgage interest rate. Image: AFP/Peter Parks. Image: AFP/William West.According to the Whitepaper, borrowers over the age of 60 were the most likely to not know their home loan interest rate, with 46 per cent admitting they did not know it.Just over 40 per cent of those under the age of 30 did not know their mortgage interest rate, while 36.9 per cent of those aged between 30 and 39 said they were in the same boat. HALF BIG FOUR BANKS TO REFUND MILLIONS ON HOME LOANS The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s December meeting reveal the board was concerned about weak consumer spending and sluggish wages growth, but appeared in no rush to change its interest rate settings.CommSec expects the official cash rate to stay on hold at 1.5 per cent until at least late 2018, while Westpac predicts rates to remain stable in 2018 and 2019. New survey finds 2 in 5 borrowers don’t know their mortgage interest rate. Image: AFP/Peter Parks.ALMOST two in five Australians don’t know how much interest they are paying on their home loan, a new survey shows.Mortgage Choice’s Australian Financial Savviness Whitepaper found 38 per cent of borrowers do not know what rate they are paying on their mortgage — a figure chief executive John Flavell described as “alarming”. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE Mortgage Choice chief executive John Flavell.“It seems for many borrowers it is easy to take a set and forget attitude towards their mortgage,” Mr Flavell said.“However, this can end up costing them substantially over the longer term.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus22 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market22 hours agoMr Flavell said a home loan was one of the biggest financial investments a person would make in their lifetime and they should review it on a regular basis to avoid paying more than they should.“In the past two years the cash rate has been reduced by 50 basis points and a huge portion of this has been passed onto mortgage holders in the form of lower rates,” he said.“Anyone who hasn’t reviewed their mortgage in the past two years could find that the interest rate on their home loan is significantly higher than it needs to be.” SALES BEFORE AUCTION TRIPLE last_img read more