Hampshire regain the English counties’ crown after 21 years

first_img Hampshire are the English Men’s County Champions – recapturing the title after 21 years with top quality team golf at Trevose, Cornwall.The last time they won was in 1996 when Justin Rose was in their team. It’s been a long road back to the top in county golf – especially for playing captain Martin Young who has just completed his eighth County Finals; with the last three in consecutive years.News of the victory filtered back to Young as Tom Robson, Ryan Harmer and Billy McKenzie delivered the crucial 2.5 points in the singles to take the team over the line. Matt Wilcox and Colin Roope made it even better for Hampshire when they won their games to complete a 6.5-2.5 win over Staffordshire – and give the team a complete set of three wins in the championship.Young confessed to tears as he played the 17th and he was uncharacteristically speechless afterwards, although he did say: “This is so weird. I am so unbelievably happy.”His team, however, had a lot more to say about the win, fashioned in grim conditions of wind and rain, which gave them their much-prized victory.They went into the final day knowing a half would give them the title, but they wanted to win their third match outright. They grabbed the advantage in the foursomes with one big win from Young and partner Wilcox, who were three-under par when they finished 7/6; and one snatched point from Billy McKenzie and Tom Robson. McKenzie knocked their second on the 18th to 18in from the cup to set up a birdie and a 1up win.In the singles, Robson delivered the team’s first point on the 14th green and commented: “It’s my fourth County Finals in five years and this means everything.”Ryan Harmer quickly followed him with a grandstand finish against England international Gian-Marco Petrozzi on the 18th. Harmer had been two up with four to play, was pulled back to all square by Staffordshire birdies on 15 and 17 – but holed a 20-footer on the last for birdie and a 1up win.“This is incredible, something we have all wanted for so long,” he said. We have come so close in previous years but it’s always been a bit of a battle on the final day. But today is our day.”McKenzie was close behind battling Jack Gaunt, another England international, in a tight match which was peppered with birdies. Gaunt took the game down 18 when he birdied the 17th to get back to all square and the players went on to share the point providing Hampshire’s winning half to secure the title.“I knew everyone was well up so it made it easier coming down the stretch,” said McKenzie. “But getting the winning half point is fantastic, especially against Jack who is a great player.“I’ve had a good week, but it’s just great that I can play my part for the team,” he added.Wilcox was Hampshire’s biggest points scorer with five wins from six starts, while McKenzie and Robson both had 4.5 points from six games.In the other match Somerset were determined to give themselves every chance of an outside win. They knew that if Hampshire were beaten the result would be decided on countback so they set out to amass as many points as possible and they beat Northumberland 7-2.They were 2-1 up in the foursomes and dropped just one singles point, to Northumberland’s Matthew McClean. In the end it wasn’t enough but team captain Justin Lane said: “We knew we had to come out hard today and hope Staffordshire would do us a favour. But Hampshire just outplayed them and many congratulations to Martin and his team. I’m very proud of my players, everyone performed brilliantly.”Captions: Top, the winning Hampshire team. Back row: Matt Wilcox, Colin Roope, Mark Burgess and Tom Robson. Front row: Billy McKenzie, Martin Young and Ryan Harmer.Final placings: 1 Hampshire, 2 Somerset, 3 Staffordshire, 4 Northumberland.Images copyright Leaderboard Photography Tags: competitions, County, County Championships, Hampshire 1 Oct 2017 Hampshire regain the English counties’ crown after 21 years last_img read more

Team Wilderness Traverse.com tops 2011 Raid the North Extreme

first_imgTeam Wilderness Traverse.com was clearly the cream of the crop at the 2011 Raid the North Extreme.The Canadian/New Zealand squad (team captain Bob Miller and Jakob Van Dorp of Ontario and Sarah Fairmaid and Gordon Blythen of New Zealand) dominated the field to capture bragging rights when the race finished Sunday in Trail.Team Wilderness Traverse.com received their first-place hardware during an award’s banquet Sunday at the Riverbell Restaurant in Trail.The second-place finisher was Wild Rose, consisting of captain Mike Brown and Veronica Jarlehag of Calgary, Bart Jarmula of Revelstoke and Cranbrook’s James Hielman.The DART-Nuun-Sportmulti from the United States — team captain Cyril Jay-Rayon of Los Angeles, Matt Hayes of Port Orchard, Wash., Mari Chandler of Zephyr Cove, Nev., and Aaron Rinnm of Redmond, Wash. — took the bronze medal edging out the Canadian team Atmosphere MOMAR.Atmosphere MOMAR consists of captain Pete Cameron and Leanne Mueller of Bolton, Ont., James Galipeau of Ottawa and Jean-Yves Dionne of Gatineau, Que.Raid the North Extreme is a six-day, non-stop expedition race, featuring four-person co-ed teams from around the world.The goal is to navigate more than 500-kilometres of unmarked terrain through the Selkirk, Purcell and Monashee mountains. Teams faced extreme challenges including a rugged wilderness, team dynamics, sleep deprivation and gear failure as they bike, trek, paddle and use ropes to navigate their way to the finish line in Trail Sunday.The race started the race Sunday in Meadow Creek, north of Kaslo.A handful of teams did not finish the race, including Kootenay Kaos of Nelson. Kootenay Kaos consist of Team Kootenay Kaos consists of captain Nelson Rocha, Sasha Kalabis, Dustin Eagleston and Vince [email protected]last_img read more

Was KD sent back onto the court too soon? Medical experts say no

first_imgEver since Kevin Durant limped off the court in Toronto on Monday night, fans have been asking whether the Warriors star should have been there in the first place.Team doctors had cleared Durant to return to play. But he lasted only 12 minutes in Game 5 before suffering another injury, leading to speculation that perhaps Golden State officials allowed their leading scorer to return too fast when the team was trailing 3-1 in the best-of-seven series.Sports medical experts said Tuesday, …last_img read more

In Defense of Men and Women, Body and Soul

first_imgThe BBC News published a male-bashing article by Baroness Susan Greenfield, Director of The Royal Institution, on March 29.  It must have created a stir, because the next day, Prof. Steve Jones of University College, London, tried to restore the male ego.  This was apparently a two-part documentary exploring what would happen “If women ruled the world.”    Greenfield had alleged that women will outperform men in 20 years, no longer have need of male muscle power, and have lots of alternative methods for bearing and raising children.  Her dismissal of men was just slightly less than total: “More probably, it is not so much that men could be extinct, as opposed to our family lives changing dramatically,” she said.  They might be useful to keep around as historical curiosities.    Jones responded with an article illustrated with a superman cartoon.  The caption read, “Superhero or zero?  Professor Jones says men are indispensable.”  His point, however, reeks of Darwinian kryptonite and seems unlikely to make his buddies feel able to leap tall buildings in a single bound:   In fact the question of males raises not one, but many biological issues: the origin of sex, of distinct sexes, of why there are only two sexes rather than dozens.   And how is that pastime maintained, given that it is so expensive?  A woman, it seems, could much increase the rate at which she copies her own genes if she avoided having them diluted by those of a man.    Yes, men are a complicated lot, and there’s a lot we do not know.  As we look through the living world, one thing is clear: it is very hard to get rid of them.The best justification Jones seems to come up with for being male is that men enable the human race to shuffle the genetic cards.  Organisms without both sexes seem to come to an evolutionary dead end, he claims.  So since women can’t get rid of the louts, they might as well tolerate them.If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you …Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son.— Rudyard KiplingThese BBC articles would make Dr. Dobson hopping mad.  And they should make any red-blooded man or woman upset.  This is really ugly.  It illustrates the utter devastation Darwinian thinking has foisted on our culture.  Greenfield’s comments disparage the Royal Institution, which was brought to its pinnacle of prestige by an unselfish, honorable, God-fearing, hard-working man: Michael Faraday.    Male chauvinism is wrong, but so is female chauvinism – what’s bad for the gander is bad for the goose.  Neither of these articles has restored any dignity to men or women.  Darwinism has reduced males and females to gene-propagating commodities.  Carl Sagan expressed the Darwinian view of humanity in black ink:In a very real sense human beings are machines constructed by the nucleic acids to arrange for the efficient replication of more nucleic acids.  In a sense our strongest urges, noblest enterprises, most compelling necessities, and apparent free wills are all an expression of the information coded in the genetic material:  We are, in a way, temporary ambulatory repositories for our nucleic acids.  This does not deny our humanity.  It does not prevent us from pursuing the good, the true, and the beautiful.  But it would be a great mistake to ignore where we have come from in our attempt to determine where we are going.The Cosmic Connection (Dell 1960), p. 6.Talk about schizophrenia; he just denied our humanity and then said it does not deny our humanity.  He used his free will to deny that we have free will.  He left “the good, the true, and the beautiful” as undefined terms, and reduced our noblest enterprises to the action of selfish genes.  This is the legacy of Darwinism, of which Sagan was one of the staunchest evangelists.  It leaves humanity as nothing more than gene-replicating machines accidentally emerging from nothingness and headed nowhere.  How can machines “attempt to determine where we are going”?  Want to know where we are going if Darwinism is true?  To the grave, where consciousness and intelligence and noble enterprises are extinguished, returning to the nothingness from which they emerged.    Had enough?  Good.  Forget Sagan’s cynical and depressing view, because he contradicted himself.  The only way he could make his point was to cheat: he borrowed words from a Christian vocabulary (good, true, beautiful, noble, information, free will, etc.).  Thus, he shot his straw man in the foot.  If he really believed what he was saying, he would cry “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity” in despair.  He would realize that his own noble enterprises, whether writing books, exploring Mars or appearing on the Johnny Carson show, were all emptiness and striving after wind.  He would just have sex (to help out the selfish genes) and then die.  And forget the BBC’s rant against maleness, which would have even robbed him of the joy of sex.  Forget, too, Jones’ wimpy comeback.  All these ideas are worthless, built on a foundation of Darwinian shifting sand.  Darwinians cannot answer any of the questions they raised: the origin of sex, of distinct sexes, of why there are only two sexes rather than dozens, and why sex persists when it is so expensive (see 04/14/2003 headline, for example).  Sex and gender roles are incomprehensible to a Darwinian, because they have no solid foundation for ultimate meaning.    Here’s the first step for restoring your worth as a real man, or a real woman: keep your head, like Kipling warned.  Don’t fall for Darwinian propaganda.  It’s contradictory, unsupported by evidence, and leads to despair.  You have a soul, brother; you have a soul, sister; and being a man or woman is all about soul.  Souls did not evolve.    To the degree Darwinism degrades humanity, the Bible restores it, and then some!  God Himself took our physical bodies He had formed by His intelligent design, and breathed into them the breath of life, and we became living souls.  Human beings, both male and female, were inscribed with the image of God, unlike anything else He had made.  Your purpose is not just to pass on your genes and die.  You have worth as an individual.  You are responsible as an individual for what you do with your life.  You, as an individual, will face the judgment of your Maker.    Physically, God made men and women to need and desire one another.  All higher animals propagate by sexual reproduction, but with humankind, God instituted the family as a means of passing on His commandments to future generations, and gave sexual reproduction a spiritual and emotional meaning beyond mere procreation, as a picture of love – something animals, without God’s image, cannot experience.  He assigned roles to men and women appropriate to our natures.  But spiritually, He made us much more than mere sexual dimorphisms of an animal species.  Because of His image we bear, we have minds, and language, and the possibility of meaningful relationships.  We can think, reason, speak, write, communicate, and love.  His two great commandments are for men and women: to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.    As His creations made in His image, we are going to live forever.  Eternity will be either with or without our Creator, depending on our response to His call.  By default it will be without Him, because we have all sinned.  But because the Lord loved us, He offered His Son as a sacrifice to redeem us from our sins.  This is the good news of the Word of God to us:  He offers us reconciliation, without penalty, as a gift.  You can receive this gift by turning from your sin and placing your trust, your empty hands of faith, into his strong hand of salvation.  That can be the start of a new life, a new relationship with your Maker.    Just how great His love to us was only hinted at in the recent blockbuster movie The Passion of the Christ.  The movie quoted Jesus’ proverb and promise from John 15, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”  The remembrance of that passion of Christ, and the subsequent glorious resurrection, is approaching.  The contrast between the two world views – the dismal, meaningless, gene-propagating Darwinian world expressed by Sagan and the BBC articles, and the rich relationship between men, women and a heavenly Father taught in the Word of God – could hardly be more stark.  One leads to death, one to life.  So choose life: won’t you repent of your sin, and receive Him today?  Then you can find fulfillment and abundant life as a man or woman of God.Homework: Watch The Passion of the Christ, then come home and read how it was prophesied 700 years before it happened by Isaiah (read Isaiah 52-54, esp. ch. 53).  Then read Jesus’ explanation of why He came and the importance of being born again by believing (trusting) in Him, in John ch. 3.  To take your belief to the point of commitment, read the Apostle Paul’s instructions in Romans 10.  Then for a real encouragement, and in preparation for Easter, read what is in store for those who trust in Christ by reading I Corinthians 15, the great “resurrection” chapter of the Bible.  When you get to the last verse, you will see why pursuing the good, the true, and the beautiful, is indeed a noble enterprise for the redeemed: whether man or woman, boy or girl.If you have any questions understanding these things, write here.(Visited 14 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Neotel to launch second data centre

first_img“Through these services we manage the hosting of a client’s business platforms and application servers whilst leveraging off Neotel’s significant economies of scale,” said Zote, adding that the data centres provide the flexibility of choosing from hosting floor space to racks to platforms. “We have already reached 100% utilisation of the first phase of our data centre in Midrand while the second expansion phase is already 50% subscribed,” Neotel communications head Wandile Zote said in a statement last month. Managed hosting services Neotel’s first data centre was launched in June 2009 at the Neotel premises in Midrand, Johannesburg. “With the opening of a second Data Centre in Cape Town, businesses in Cape Town now have the opportunity to make use of our facilities while unlocking the opportunity for businesses to host both their production and business continuity sites.” Fresh new approach 16 August 2010 By hosting at these centres, the company says customers will not only reduce their risk of hikes in operational costs due to potential price increases for energy but more importantly reduce their carbon footprints. The new data centre builds on the company’s strength in providing outsourced hosting services, managed services and hosted applications that have already generated interest from several large enterprises. “We meet clients half way, extending competitive pricing to ensure the service offered is market related and gives fair value – particularly in today’s tough times,” he said. The data centre is home to a number of managed hosting and virtual hosting services, including managed storage and backup, virtual firewall and server virtualisation services. Neotel says its data centres are an example of a fresh new approach in the South African market – they are modular in design, with high energy efficient technologies allowing the highest data centre cooling density. Improved cooling techniques will further limit excess power utilisation. “Our clients recognise Neotel’s professionalism and data centre expertise which focuses strongly on proactive management and maintenance to ensure unmatched uptime and reliability,” said Zote. Following on significant demand for local converged telecoms operator Neotel’s managed hosting services, the company has decided to launch a second Tier 3 data centre in Cape Town. SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

End-of-year survey critical to row crop producers

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) are encouraging producers to respond to two upcoming surveys – the December Agricultural Survey and the County Agricultural Production Survey – that are critical to row crop producers around the country. The results of the surveys help determine the structure of the 2017 farm payment and risk management programs administered by USDA’s Farm Service Agency and Risk Management Agency.The County Agricultural Production Survey went out to 170,000 row crop producers on November 3. Responses are due by January 15, 2018, and NASS will publish county-level results for corn, soybeans, sunflowers, and sorghum on February 22, 2018, in the Quick Stats database. These county-level data are critical for USDA farm payment determinations.The number of farmers completing the confidential National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) crop survey has been declining in recent years—and that’s bad news for farmers.“If NASS doesn’t receive an adequate number of farmer-completed surveys from your county, they must use less reliable sources of data that will be used to calcualte actual production in your county,” said Anthony Bush, who farms in Mt. Gilead and is on the board of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). “These surveys are too important to rely on third-party sources and best guesses.”The December Agricultural Survey is currently being sent to 84,000 producers. Responses are due by December 21, 2017, and NASS publishes results in the Crop Production 2017 Summary report on January 12, 2018. Information collected in this survey also feeds into the county estimates for row crops. The survey also asks about grain stocks stored on-farm.When producers receive the surveys, they have the option to respond using the secure online questionnaire or return it by mail. NASS safeguards the privacy of all respondents and publishes only aggregate data, ensuring that no individual operation or producer can be identified.Find out more about the survey at www.ncga.com/nasslast_img read more

Inspiration! Roundup of 12 Exceptional Tilt-Shift Videos

first_imgThe City of Sambaby Jarbas Agnelli – This video of Carvanale in Rio de Janeiro uses tilt-shift to extraordinary effect.  Tilt-shift was achieved primarily in-camera using Nikon D3 bodies with large format lenses on bellows.A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountryby Tristan Greszko  – This breathtaking miniature look at backwoods skiers was shot on the Canon 5D and 7D.  The tilt-shift effect was applied to each video frame in Photoshop and the project was finished out in After Effects and FCP. MiniLook Kievby threeshot – Over 4,500 frames (from the 25k that were shot) make up this miniature perspective of the city of Kiev.  Beautiful saturated colors and camera movement make for an engrossing watch.Small World Energyby Niles Heckman – This mesmerizing public service announcement applies the tilt-shift effect to visuals of the energy industry.Small Worldsby Keith Loutit – Keith is one of the masters of tilt-shift photography and this stunning video is a great example why.  This short highlights video showcases a variety of locations and events in vibrant colors.Toy Soldiersby Alta Media Productions – This captivating video miniaturizes marching troops through the streets of Paris.  Canon 5D’s captured the action at a slow 3.9 frames per second.The Villageby Flicka Mag – Unlike many of the urban focused videos in this roundup, The Village beautifully emphasizes the visuals of rural living.NEW YORKby Black Sheep Films – See all of New York City’s iconic sites like never before in this but this wonderfully executed tilt-shift video.  Shot on Canon T2i and posted in After Effects.Coachellettaby Sam O’Hare – Commercial director Sam O’Hare created this compelling look at the Coachella Music Festival.  Footage was shot at 4 fps and the tilt-shift depth of field was achieved in post.Tilt Shift Surfby DOUGH’NUT – Early morning surfing off the coast of the Netherlands. Excellent color grade!Everyone Is A Little Universeby MovieBrats – Take a trip across America in this lovely tilt-shift video. Comprised of over 3 months worth of shooting with the tilt-shift effect applied completely in post-production.Toy Thailandby Joerg Daiber – An interesting perspective on the sites of Thailand.  Shot on the Lumix GH2 and posted in Final Cut Pro and After Effects.last_img read more

Cinema 4D: The Iris – VFX/Mograph Experiment

first_imgMaximize basic geometry from Cinema 4D with plug-ins from After Effects.Whoa! We love this animation created in Cinema 4D and After Effects by motion design pro Aharon Rabinowitz. In the follow up tutorial, Aharon provides a load of insight into how simple geometry can be used, in conjunction with some really cool plugins, to create an interesting and detailed 3D animation.VFX BreakdownIn C4D Aharon creates a simple polygon object and then uses the C4D plug-in called Greebler. This plug-in allows for the addition of multiple artifacts in varying shapes and sizes on top of your geometry. Once the desired settings are in place through the Greebler plug-in Aharon exports the project out as a OBJ Sequence. He uses an add-on from AEScripts called the Plexus OBJ Exporter to export out an OBJ Sequence.Once the sequence has been exported he moves into After Effects. In AE he utilizes a number of plug-ins and add-ons such as Video Copilot‘s Element 3D, of which Version 2 is releasing this November. One of the issues that Aharon has with importing his sequence into Element 3D is the carry over of the UV Mapping. Since he exports it out as a sequence rather than an object, the texture mappings setting are different in Element 3D, which restrict mapping.After applying a standard material preset in Element 3D Aharon adds lighting, fog, ambient occlusion and depth of field through standard AE effects. Then he uses a combination of Red Giant plug-ins such as Knoll Light Factory EZ, Magic Bullet Looks, Mojo and Trapcode Shine.This is a great example of using a multi app, multi plugin workflow to impressive effect.last_img read more

CLdN Books Two More at Hyundai

first_imgzoom European short sea shipping specialist Compagnie Luxembourgeoise d’Navigation (CLdN) RoRo SA has exercised options for construction of two more 5, 400 lane meter vessels at the Korean shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).The latest options will make up the seventh and eighth ship from the company’s 12 planned newbuildings, with additional options for a further four.According to CLdN, the order complements the previously announced firm orders for six vessels, of which the initial two 8,000 lane meter vessels will be delivered within 2017. The first one, to be named Celine, is due to arrive in Northern Europe during September.The previously announced strategy to prepare for expansion in the Port of Zeebrugge, with the development of a new 36 hectare Port facility at Albert II Dock, will be delivered prior to the new vessels entering service, CLdN added.In line with the previous orders, these vessels will be LNG ready, allowing for adaption to dual fuel propulsion.The lifting of options comes three months after CLdN raised its orderbook to six ships from the series.CLdN RoRo SA operates 24 RoRo vessels and its core services have traditionally been the Continent / UK, but it has steadily expanded its geographical presence into new markets, including Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal in recent years.“We are half way through our 5 year plan and already have 8 of the 12 vessels planned as firm orders, keeping us well ahead of target,” a spokesperson for CLdN commented.last_img read more

Cautious optimism for 2018 as crude oil hits US60 a barrel

first_imgFor the first time in a long time, crude oil has hit US$60 a barrel.But there needs to be cautious optimism because there are still concerns.Auspice Capital CIO Tim Pickering said 2017 wasn’t a horrible year by any stretch, explaining it was a year of transition.“We saw stability come back into the market,” he explained. “I wouldn’t say that anybody was shooting the lights out so to speak, but as we came out of the summer, we saw good momentum in crude oil and we predicted it would get to 60 bucks.”When he looked at oil from a global perspective, he remained positive.“U.S. inventories have really started to draw, or decrease, so the market is indeed rebalancing,” Pickering said. “The structure of the oil curve, the pricing curve in the future, is such that it disincentivizes storage and it really accelerates withdraws.”Exports to China, the worlds largest importer of oil, are also strong, but export problems due to a lack of pipelines persist which has lead to a discount of about CAN$24 a barrel for Canadian crude.However, Pickering believes even that has lead to some good investment opportunities.“If you get a rally in global crude, it’ll bring Canadian crude up with it, we’re starting from a much lower price point, and so if we get a $10 rally in global crudes and Canadian crude moves up that $10, it’s a much better return given it’s at a lower price,” he said.last_img read more