Hear About the Importance of EarlySeason Insect and Disease Protection in ASAs

first_imgSyngenta Agronomy Service Representative Mike Weiss is featured in this week’s ASA Educational Podcast, the latest of a series sponsored by Syngenta. Weiss talks about the benefits of triple pest protection during the critical early soybean growth stage.“A grower starts each season looking forward to high yields,” Weiss says. “But reaching the soybean’s yield potential requires several favorable conditions as the season begins. Agronomic practices such as choosing the right seed variety, planting early and properly spacing all lay the groundwork for effective growth. However, early-season insects and diseases, as well as nematodes, may impact plant establishment despite these efforts. Worse, these pests can harm developing plants without immediate symptoms, making lower-than-expected soybean yields come as a surprise when treatment is no longer an option.”Take a couple minutes to hear more from this Syngenta expert and listen to this week’s ASA Educational Podcast today!last_img

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