Our sun will burn out before we explore all of No Mans

first_imgThere are so many planets in No Man’s Sky that it’s impossible for humanity to explore it all. Hello Games founder Sean Murray summed it up for Stephen Colbert when he appeared on The Late Show: 18 quintillion planets. That’s “18” followed by 18 zeros.The number is difficult to grasp, but Hello Games puts the number into a strangely digestible perspective. Players will probably never see another player, allowing gamers the chance to make their mark on untouched galaxies and systems. The weight of this project offers people a scale to measure our own universe in a way, by putting it in a medium where people can touch down and experience the vastness of space. It’s a little overwhelming to think about.Murray explains his team was able to “play god” and create a universe on such a huge scale was by procedurally generating galaxies through a computer. As he explains to Colbert, the project is based in math, evolutionary biology, and physics, which all come together to create a set of criteria for what should make up a planet. All of them diverse in their environment and the creatures that live within it.The point of the game, aside from giving newly discovered galaxies funny names, is to reach the center of the universe. Players must gather enough resources to work their way to the universe’s center. It’s up to the community to share and help one another find that center, explained Murray in an interview.“There’s a reward for every piece of information that you share, but you’ve got to judge whether it’s as good as keeping it to yourself. You could be the only one to find a certain type of ship. It’s an interesting experiment for when the game comes out.”Some people will no doubt be bent on reaching the game’s end goal, but others may feel less motivated by making a world’s first and be more focused on escapism. “Where you’ll go and how fast you’ll make your way through this universe is up to you. It’s yours for the taking,” reads the game’s page.As for how soon we can expect No Man’s Sky to be released, it’s still in question. However, if Hello Games’ founder is making appearances on mainstream media channels, maybe we can expect it sooner rather than later.last_img

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