The search engine like Shanghai under the new situation how to promote the website

for a web site, the page contains a large number of low quality or pop bomb box and page content of spam is also very poor correlation with the sea "hate". That is to say if these problems a website, love Shanghai is not given a good evaluation and scoring, which means the site will have very good rankings. So the rules of the new search engine, we must try to avoid.

second, first a new station on the line to promote early, we must ensure that the quality of the article, that is to say the article is the best original. Original articles on the Internet, are you copy me, I copied you, has been a lot of waste paper, if new or copied, so the quality of the content is very low, so there is no advantage, search engine will not be included, on the contrary, will also reduce the degree of credit on site.

first, first new sites to on-line promotion, do not start advertising. If you start to hang up a lot of advertising, can seriously reduce the credit degree of the search engine on the web, first impression is like people, the first impression is very important. Therefore, the line on the website beginning don’t hang advertising time. Because this is the foundation stage, even if the foundation are not strong, the development will not have a lot of space. I believe everyone knows the truth.

search engine (like Shanghai) the introduction of the new rules, clearly pointed out many problems, such as what kind of love do not love the Shanghai site (soft trading platform, soft release station, soft return station); don’t love what optimization (optimization way outside the chain to release large amount of the use of soft stack keywords the love is not low quality); Article (copy and paste the article) and so on are clearly put forward, it means that love Shanghai very "hate" these problems. At the same time also tell you these things, try not to do, not what benefits.

this is different from the past, now the search engine rules have been more perfect and intelligent than before, the webmaster friends must understand this, not like that before optimization and the promotion of the site, or the site at any time there may be drop right or K stand. So we must understand the search engine new rules, only to meet the new rules of the optimization and promotion strategy can be recognized. What search engine (love Shanghai) under the new situation, how to promote the website? Everyone together to discuss.

especially the recent search engine on the introduction of the new rules, original articles very seriously. If your site articles are original, the search engine on your website as can be imagined will be more favored. If you cannot write original articles, it can also be pseudo original, but the pseudo original requirements are very high, to achieve a certain degree of the original (at least do most of the statement copy does not appear a lot of rosy in the search box search phenomenon), can be included. >


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