To create a high quality the chain to improve the site long tail keywords ranking

              optimization of Shanghai dragon with some basic understand the webmaster, web site keywords ranking in addition to the high quality of the chain and the original articles, as well as the chain construction. In the chain of high quality is not only conducive to the keywords ranking, but also because in chains to improve the relevance of the article can effectively improve PV, increase website viscosity, reduce the rate of pop. We have been introduced using chain concept to build pages link to improve keyword rankings, today I will together with you to further explore the experience of the construction of high quality of the chain.  

              a chain, relevant to the content.  

              in the construction of the chain in the chain and we all understand that your website for your web site keywords higher correlation ranking was more favorable, the same is true for the inner chain. If only is the title of an article appeared in a word, while the content of an article and the emergence of the word with a description of the text as the chain is not necessarily good. Even when some owners in the construction of the chain always put links directly to the home page or column page, this is not good. Only the correlation between the high link it will help to improve the search engines, and help to enhance the user experience, increase user stickiness, and thus enhance the website pv.  

              number two, inside the chain to control.  

              for the chain, because they are operating in the content on the page, so not too much, one to two of the best, to a keyword as the main keywords, another as an extension of key words. The main keywords link to have a certain ranking of the article improve or stabilize its position; and the expansion of new keywords is of course you prepare for the development of the.  

              three, the anchor text of the chain should be diversified.  

              diversity of the anchor text can not only make your article to get higher search display, but also can avoid the single anchor text is deliberately, let down the right search engine. Correct!

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