Noble baby new patent the search engine can search local file


according to the patent document charts show that the search content update involves three categories, respectively is "local application", "remote service" and "registration application", covering individual registered social network navigation information (a baby Maps and media player) content. The "remote service" for Internet data content, "local" and "registration application" for personal data information of local and cloud.

Microsoft Win10 released this year to strengthen the search function, users can search for local and network synchronization Cortana on the document, the function of course will be the search based on the new patent nobility baby is probably in order to face will measures.

Lei Feng network August 16th news, according to a noble baby this week in the open search patent documents show that Google is preparing for a search engine can realize local content search support.

as one of the world’s most successful search engine, in the range of web search, the noble baby can be said to have done very perfect, but many people still want it more powerful, such as looking for local files myself forget in the noble baby. This week, a noble baby search new patent document is open, the Google search engine’s next goal may contain many kinds of content search capabilities, not only have general Internet services, including local application content of personal computer users and mobile devices, including applications, contacts, bookmarks, etc..

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