Shanghai Longfeng optimization one month before ten keywords ranking need psychological

I mentioned contact Shanghai Longfeng and practice of Shanghai Longfeng process and some methods of operation will. I want to tell you I was through these points to the site keywords within a month, all of the optimization to the top ten. In fact, up to now I think luck is accounted for a large part, because at that time the Shanghai dragon is not completely understand, even the entry level are not. In general, over a website optimization will probably know what time the keyword ranking will come up, and at that time I even this is not clear, also don’t say what optimization scheme. However, what I can do? This is what I want to say a lot of new friends.

: when I first insist on their own requirements is to ensure the update two articles every day, every day must go to the hair of the chain, and all the articles are to operate with their own hands. The contents of the article is to them, but not enough to be original. Because the original standard is very high. May say you do not think what, because now you are doing. But you know I have published articles are related to the product technology? And I posted all the time in the morning. The release of the chain is to do every afternoon, including forum and blog, etc. These are handmade, rather than using a lot of software to do the chain.

third: data analysis data analysis this is the most important thing, no matter what the industry is suitable. Why? Because there is no data analysis, you can write a good title and selected >

second: what is the optimization of maintain a stable state of mind most afraid of? I think that is the mentality of the volatility, you may optimize two months or even three months are not necessarily what the effect of a website, what can you do? There are a lot of friends will begin to doubt is not the website title wrong, keyword selection wrong? Will start looking for someone asked me how to do the site, can have the ranking? But I want to say, the website title and keywords selection error that did not cause, because I optimized website title writing is wrong, it is wrong, there is a serious stack keywords. But the rankings are on the home page. I think this title is not as long as you cry up wine and sell vinegar mistakes are generally no problem! In addition, you ask others, if others give you the answer or modify your method and method concept conflict, are you going to change? Most people will have the mentality of rejection, so for this you might as well ask you. The right way is to take the analysis of the industry needs of users, and then stick in the operation, adjust good mentality, this is the king.

friends, when only one month after the optimization of keywords ranking all on to the top ten, feel unbelievable. However, I want to tell you this is not difficult, either before or now. Of course, I am talking about the operation and implementation effect is relative to the past, but we can’t deny that there are several points for now is as useful.

For many novice

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