The basic problem in my eyes thinking Shanghai dragon six

so the brand is very important, do Shanghai dragon must remember the brand from the start.

Robots.txt direct shielding love Shanghai, love Shanghai but given Taobao snapshot is updated daily. That explains everything, Taobao brand, Shanghai must rely on the brand love, or love Shanghai losses; if no Taobao brand, Shanghai will give you love, you will suffer heavy losses.

What is the


of Shanghai Longfeng thinking? Brand + user experience + web + content + User Guide + ad

said Shanghai Longfeng user experience, of course, with the above said there is a gap between the. Shanghai dragon in the user experience, including love Shanghai search engine user experience, the user experience of the website itself, the product pictures of the user experience, the content of user experience, the chain guide brand of user experience, user experience, and some other factors of the user experience.

Shanghai dragon on the user experience is more and more high, from the website to the vision, the quality of the content, there is a big upgrade, in the face of the user experience, you do much work? Especially many medical websites, no user experience, of course, the author.


, a brand of

user experience

comes to Shanghai dragon brand, Taobao is a typical example, do Shanghai Longfeng people know that Taobao is the search engine grab shielding love Shanghai, but love Shanghai for Taobao Shanghai dragon is how the attitude of the

It is self-evident importance of the

before I wrote "Shanghai dragon in the ideal to reality" one article, get a lot of people’s sympathy, of course, the criticism is unavoidable, there is criticism I have progress, thank you for giving me the words connected with people. The contents of this paper have already said, will write an article about Shanghai Longfeng thinking of the article, then I explain my eyes today Shanghai dragon thinking.

brand, the brand is equivalent to have a ranking. The brand can conquer love Shanghai, love Shanghai but could not overcome the brand. The first step must be to do Shanghai Longfeng brand as the core, know all about the company, including culture, products, personnel. From the beginning of the brand positioning, to expand the Shanghai dragon mentality, so, it is the most effective.

on the user experience, the master is Zhou Hongyi 360. He is so understanding of user experience: first, first of all to exceed user expectations, can give users a surprise. Second, good user experience to be able to let the user be aware. Third, good user experience, is to start from the details, and throughout every detail.

and Liu Yufan think that the user experience is the user as a slacker, that is to say, everything to their brains, troublesome things, it becomes a fool products, then the user supplies lazy, then this is the user experience.

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