Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not the only original but fundamental

we should not only be more original, unique value, so today the net strange Shanghai dragon training and how to share the content of the search engine is the real love, not blind to the original, that will only waste of effort, the effect is not obvious.



network found that currently in operation in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, every day most of the time is spent to write original articles and content. Some owners may have some harvest and return, published articles will be included, some webmaster, original articles are not even be included, or included no rankings. So we must understand the fundamental, can better some more articles on the role of our Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to users more valuable articles.

what will be deleted? It appears in the singular Shanghai Longfeng, we want in the search engine above the original long words, we must consider two questions. The first is the search engine, the second is the user’s problem. The search engine is in need of unique content, there are few similar content on the Internet, the user needs is to help them, they can search for articles.

is currently popular in Shanghai Longfeng optimization years of constant theorem, is the original is very important, very important. If you are often concerned about the dynamics of the search engine, will find search engine will also emphasize love original content, but the search engine is not only because of your article is original and love you.

if the user experience is very poor in our original article page, click rate is very low, the bounce rate is very high, so this page search engine thinks that the original is of no value, the user is not required, then we will delete the article.

blindly making the original article the effect is not good, may have only a small part of a meaningful and real effect, most of them are not much effect. We need not only original articles, more to meet the needs of users, in 2012 this year, we should find some articles, search engines quickly, but soon it will be deleted, the life cycle is short.


to let the search engine think the original is easy, as long as you don’t copy, write their own articles, a group are easily indexed by search engines. But how to meet the needs of users of

first is the core issue of our article, we publish this article, in the end there will not be a user can see, to search engine, our theme is not a user search theme. So we need the original title, the one and only, we can find the user search keywords, the keywords we optimized, but also the user search keywords, the demand, then such an original article, it is helpful to the user.

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