The H1 tag in the end or not How to use

(A5 page) home page only once, in the website LOGO.

H2 label:

Let’s look at the

(head of the home page of the home page is the webmaster) only once, is also used in LOGO.

from above, we can find that the web page for H1 tags are used only once, or brand keywords in the website, or directly used in LOGO. In the web design directly using the H1 tag may have enough beautiful effect, so many people will be hidden by css. Or will use H1 tags in LOGO. This can not only on the main keywords to emphasize the effect, enhance the relevance, but also will not affect the appearance. In the content page, are used once, generally is to strengthen the content page headlines again.


(NetEase home)


NetEase home appears only once in front of the LOGO H1 label, the text is a NetEase, but careful observation, this time the H1 tag is to highlight the brand keywords, simply look to the search engines, for the user is hidden.

(web page)


in the website optimization process will often increase the optimization effect of the use of HTML tags. The H tag is that we often use the HTML tag has a label to label, H emphasizes on the text of the title in the web page, can cause the search engine on, access to web pages in the search engine to crawl, the contents of the H tags as part of that.



(NetEase home) NetEase appeared in 7 times, there is the title of the article, some directly just bold use of

but the problem comes, many people think that the website with H1 tags, can promote the keywords ranking, there are a lot of people think that H1 can not be used, cause excessive optimization, may also affect the page appearance, will not have what effect. Shanghai Longfeng wood believes that despite the page now the search engine exists in the weakening effect of the existence of keywords H1 tag and H1 tag, but H1 tag effect is still there, the noble baby algorithm also pointed out that the H text between the tags, than in other places with the importance. Just too much to use easy to produce adverse effects. So we can take advantage of, there is no need to say is a complete boycott. So how to use the H1 tag it? Look at the following example.

webmaster also appeared 8 times, all is the home page of the title, to.

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