Original content is not easy to ignore you and let you do the wedding dress for others

There is no other way except

after receiving your love of spiders in Shanghai by the Ping Service, will immediately go to update and capture content, of course, even if it is not able to immediately capture, but your Ping service time, the content of your original information has been recorded in the data repository in Shanghai love, when a spider in the search and collection of other large the content of the website, will be through the comparison of time information to solve the original source of the problem.

and now love Shanghai more > filling algorithm

so the webmaster in addition to Ping services, there is no other way to prevent the original love Shanghai misjudgment problem? The author thinks that it is necessary to adopt the signature and attach the relevant links, this is actually a kind of copyright on the Internet will be declared, then love Shanghai and did not acknowledge your originality. But with your site will gradually mature, love Shanghai included in your website, and then through the corresponding comparison, will be selected corresponding to the original, give you a higher authority website.

after Shanghai launched the love pomegranate algorithm, the original thing has been touted on the Internet, but when many in the brains of the original content cudgel thinking, but found his original hard to others to do awake, love Shanghai in the original judgment still exist some defects, after a small website release of original content, in a very short period of time by large websites, you will find love in Shanghai is the default site original, small websites reproduced, because according to the normal view, only large websites have original content needed manpower, there is no such small sites of natural resources.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform for love in Shanghai have some suggestions for the judgment of the original, that is to let the webmaster in publishing original content, can be introduced into the PING service, and the Ping Service is a protocol based on XML-RPC standard update notification service, when the website content update, issued a notice to update love Shanghai spiders or the server through the Ping Service, included in this announcement of the original content release time.

so how to solve this problem? Love Shanghai provides a reference method for

Ping services

to us

at this time many readers will think, since the love of spiders in Shanghai can order the recognition time, so why not through the Ping Service will not be able to identify specific sources of original? The author thinks that the first small website original content spider is not necessarily closed book, that is to say in the index database does spider there is no original content like this, when spider crawling up large websites to find this article, some as original as only included, those little or no content of the website ranking will naturally be ignored. This is no time to even compare comparison. So it is not out to judge the original source.

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