From the view of group purchase website keywords hairy optimization


1. group purchase website advantage is very obvious, this is similar to the 58 group purchase website, the domain name had some weight, so it is easy to give weight part of sub domain;

you can fall in love with the sea search may have Liangzi Lake crabs, regional differences, some will be different, but the overall ranking results should be similar to ours, in front of 10 positions, 6 is the group purchase network rankings, there is a love of Shanghai’s own products, there are a few. A crab sales network to buy Gift nets, one is the business platform business information, the last one is video website! We can see from this keyword ranking, more the number of group purchase website, is the front position, to prove that this problem is not the case, I search for another key words: Changsha crabs this terrorist group purchase, more search results, the top 10 search results are ranked from this group purchase website! Group purchase website ranking is not good. Is the case, but more common examples of

we take our side products as examples of search, you may have heard that we Liangzihu crabs, crabs search keywords ranking of Liangzi Lake, see the row in front of the end is what kind of website


why group purchase website will come up so much, but the ranking is so good


has recently been on the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and crabs love Shanghai Liangzihu the ranking of search results, as everyone knows, in National Day after a lot of group purchase sites are also on crabs such products group purchase, so the result is basically a lot of crabs search group purchase group purchase website is ", group purchase website ranking of that position is good, and the most important is the speed, does make a lot of people envy! Then, we start from the crabs, see where the group purchase website ranking good, why they row up and what factors.

5, the last point is itself competitors is not particularly strong, no group purchase website before, some shut.


2. group purchase website basically has enabled two domain names, more than 100 City, more than 100 is a website, such as cross link internal link optimization is very good;

4., group purchase website basically is the day before a product update, now is different, a day to update the N products, product title, content, copy, photos and post processing, basically can be said that the group purchase website or spend some thought, this is what we say the original degree is very high, the search engine can also give a very good impression;

We all know that

3. group purchase site because of itself will not flow, to buy advertising on many sites in many navigation station purchase link, which will increase the group purchase website powerful external links, the chain is also very easy;

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