Seven ideas of how to improve website weight

4, directional anchor text, this is from the content level very effectively enhance the website weight idea, the operation to achieve the ultimate can make search engine very trust your site.

pr Control the chain number Update mechanism of

5 site, the site updated daily that the principle that let the search engine that this site is the user in the update, rather than automatically publish content, original content of artificial regeneration, has great help to enhance the website weight. On the other hand, the acquisition and reproduced on the web site of the weight is less points.

2, increase the content of

3, add the station, such as a directory of the blog, forum or SNS system.

, the web site is included, and the content of each page to the web page to do anchor text, can be very effective to enhance the website weight. Add navigation on the site, is a simple method to increase the weights of the website.

1, increase the chain, the chain can be very effective to enhance the site’s weight. Note: the increase of the chain is increasing, paying attention to the diversity of the chain anchor text diversity and site.

7, derived from the website home page in 25, don’t link the K or may be involved in illegal websites.

in addition, the PR value can be regarded as an index of the website weight, the PR value mainly depends on the chain, the site within the chain, and the site of the time. General 3 months to update a

6, the site of some meaningful outside chain or chain, using nofollow tags such as shielding, contact us about us, and the registration page, this can prevent weight loss.

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