Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched web search White Fang Yuan you can see

for the content quality, no matter in the update or website content editing, the original is not only standard evaluation, focuses on the content rich in professional knowledge and abundant experience, and with integrity and abundance. Such as mobile phone lottery software 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html site, the technical problems of mobile phone lottery software content can be released, can also be a problem in the mobile phone lottery software download, installation guide environment steps. In general the content to have a substantial effect.


from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform upcoming "white paper" on the quality of web search, web content optimization, mainly consider the user experience, character >

2, good user browsing experience

lottery website optimization and some years, has also been emphasizes the optimization of the content, but only from the original surface is what content. In my opinion, the "white paper", a judge at least in content, not only is the original line. So in the next stage, the optimization of mobile phone lottery software site, according to the "white paper", do content optimization.

is now the major Webmaster Platform in broadcast platform love Shanghai upcoming web search "white paper" this incident, the white paper is mainly aimed at the optimization of Shanghai dragon ranking, from the content to do a detailed explanation. Since 2013, Shanghai love search engines have been emphasizing the importance of content, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the "white paper" web search, undoubtedly in an emphasis in Shanghai Longfeng focus, the difference is the substantive things, not shouting slogans in, mainly from the content quality, web browsing experience and accessibility three perspective evaluation standard. From a personal point of view, I think this is a good thing, then the love of Shanghai launched the "search" quality white paper ", Yuan Fang how do you see?


users want to see a clean, easy to read content, open a website, layout confusion, excessive advertising will seriously affect the user’s browsing experience. So how do the user browsing experience? Here I share mobile phone lottery software site optimization experience? The first on the site layout should be reasonable, to ensure the smooth, browse the content should be prominent and clear. I do mobile phone lottery software site, website contents on this theme, and highlight the core content. Website advertising must not affect the user access to the main content of information.

users want fast access to a web site, can not limit authority, so the theme of "direct access. A lot of factors affecting the access site, such as chain code, error, open after the upgrade of the content to be deleted, or it does not exist jump to the home page and so on will influence the site visit, affect the user experience. This website will be judged as low quality sites like Shanghai.

1, do

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