Five points on the website promotion

help you sum up these five points are some problems to a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but these all do it is not easy.

four, avoid too messy code spider is to read the content on your site through the code, assuming that your website code is too long, it is difficult to know what is the key will cause serious consequences if the truncated spider, too messy, will form the same consequences, is included in the site influence.

three, it is very important to choose the choice of keywords, line on the site before using the GG tool and love Shanghai index to analyze key words will bring you flow, can not blindly determine conversion keywords then not modified, as to the website included a no good, you can go online to find keyword selection some of the information and then learn about. Keywords Baoding group purchase to remind the owners choose to associated with the content of the website if you do everything is empty.


five, the link is divided into inside and outside the chain chain no matter what kind of links are important for website optimization, link exchange and purchase links are all new to mistakes. Just hurry to go to exchange links, do not rush to the construction of the chain must have content and reasonable internal links, even if you are outside of the chain in the powerful your website no real content is in vain, the site can not be good to attract search engine and users will lose the purpose of the construction site.

Baoding today for your summary of group purchase website promotion five points, as long as these five points do not love your website Shanghai home that is very difficult, many new Adsense post everywhere, ask how to make your site optimization in Shanghai Baoding love home, buy to remind you not to rush to take some the black hat technique may give you the time to bring some benefits, if the owners want to make your site in the love sea must comply with the principle of search engine stand steadfast do stand.

two, too often modify title revising the title will bring to the site either down right or snapshot of the shift, as a webmaster we are vulnerable, in order to avoid the occurrence of this kind of thing in the webmaster website submission prior to determine the key words, some of the old station can modify keywords. As long as the one-time change too much, what is the impact on the website will not. Don’t let the spider crawling that the results will be different as it will think you’re cheating, it is difficult not to be finally K out of fate.

, a collection of content content has been well received by the owners love, that love can be very easy as long as Shanghai appeared a lot of articles since the search engine has collected things, and you appear in a collection for the website? This is a dead end, if only the acquisition of the content that is not done update: Baoding group purchase search engine is to remind the owners love new things, can not let it every search is the same, if your site is search engine that is gathering station, then you love from Shanghai K fell down right or dangerous.

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