The analysis of Shanghai dragon chain optimization quality is king how to construct the high quality

as everyone knows, with the search engine algorithm updates, whether for content factors or chain quality factors has been promoted to a hitherto unknown point, the chain quality factors outside the chain has become more the only proper course to take the weights of the website based on the personal experience of self optimization, found the number of external links have not external links important. So in this quality is king of the times, the construction quality of the high quality of the chain is imminent, good gossip short continued I from four aspects and do a detailed analysis of what.

I love you with examples and discussions, we still in the entertainment industry as an example to elaborate the case, before the film founding of < > for example, the film is produced by the China Film Group, the main director is Sanping Han, who is Sanping Han? Well, the famous China Film Group the chairman of the board, in a good look at the film cast, Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Feng Xiaogang, Zhao Wei and dawn. Almost all of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, we still have a lot of actors into a supporting role for having heard it many times, so luxurious lineup before release before the tempt the appetite of the audience, if the film is likened to a website that these big names like the high quality of the chain, has injected vitality into the Everfount website the weight lifting, in the well-known actor and extensive degree is really done, this will be at the box office selling website for the follow-up to lay a solid foundation, similarly, early high quality chain to pave the way for the website, later website weight and ranking promotion is no doubt. So for our own website is not born, this is how to construct the high quality of the chain? This needs to test their strength, for example, to stationmaster net contribute! "


first, the high quality chain is both formal and natural.

regular chain is what mean? I understand the first platform which exists in the chain, to this group as an example, a person’s origin is often the most important decisive role for the subsequent development, born children, especially in the entertainment industry, such as Nicholas Tse, Hawick Lau and so on, the two we all know that their father is a legend in Yang Tiexin’s play, one is the actor Master Hongqi, which for the two children in the later known and his father are inextricably linked, the influence of their father’s career is obvious to people. The chain is the same reason, such as your site links in the news source of high weight, such as in the station network, CCTV news network, eLong, Sina, Sohu and so on these words with links to the portal, its impact on the weights of the website is very great. The chain is mainly manifested in the nature can not be exhausted, the natural step by step to find these high weight platform can be released, days and months multiplying an eat fat, it is hard to die, sooner or later, the website is down right also can hardly be avoided.

second, the high quality of the chain needs diversification and extensive

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