Love from Shanghai launched the knowledge map function of Encyclopedia Search Results

love Shanghai Encyclopedia Search results display, similar to the first half of this year launched the nobility baby knowledge map "(Knowledge Graphic) function, when a user searches for a keyword, the search results appear normal, on the right side of the search results are the words related to encyclopedic knowledge. If you search for "Da Vinci" (· Finch), then Da Vinci will appear on the right side of the search results, including Da Vinci at Wikipedia, representative and related artists. According to the different search keywords, knowledge map appears content is different, in order to algorithm powerful performance of noble baby.

is different from the aristocratic baby Knowledge Graphic, love Shanghai’s knowledge map search results do not lead to a huge blank column shows that the design does not feel right, how science. The noble baby also to the continuous improvement of Knowledge Graphic function, the current can display more information, including film and television information, drug information.

it is assumed that the love of Shanghai launched the "knowledge map" search results, on the one hand is to improve search results, on the other hand can also become its many products such as traffic entrance, love the music of Shanghai, Iqiyi etc..




recently have friends broke the news, in Shanghai some people love the search keywords, will appear in the figure of the relevant information, the search results are displayed in the "Encyclopedia" style. A search for "Zhou Hongyi", will appear in the search results of "Zhou Hongyi", Shanghai Sina, micro-blog love Wikipedia entry address, news and pictures of the characters (pictured above). If you search for entertainers, will appear in the related works, such as "Jay Chou", "Jay Chou" will be given directly to music and movies. But it is not suitable for every person search, after the test, Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei and other search results or traditional style.


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