The eight rule independent shop optimization

5, product copy.

4, the product page.

After the 3, the classification of The construction of

pages are generally composed of several sections: the head of the page, page navigation, product recommendation, classification on the right side of the body, the hottest new random product recommendation, user reviews and bottom navigation structure. This model is popular, the careful use of other.

with the development of e-commerce, more and more enterprises will own business from the traditional battlefield moved to the Internet, regardless of what you are selling, can get some more or less resources from the Internet, just into the electricity supplier market, enterprises are more willing to shop in some mature platform, open a shop of their own in Taobao, eBay, pat for example, then the product pictures, shop decoration, shop operators, shop promotion etc.. Of course, people under the eaves, had to bow, we choose the third party platform to shop, so they must comply with the rules of the game, after many companies saw some restrictions on Taobao, choose to have the operation of independent website, the economic strength of enterprises will find their own development, so most of my friends would choose some mature the CMS open source system establishment, currently do mature: shopex, ECSHOP etc.. The ten rule so today we will talk about the optimization of B2C shop.

6, the total static or pseudo static.

website to comply with the principle of search engine, and the user experience requirements, it is the site to guide customers to browse, rather than let the user tried to find something, the best site using tree structure.

navigation products.


7, give the user a sense of security.

some friends used to do Taobao, may think the picture to attract more consumers. Do the independent store, to take into account the search engine optimization, so it can be expressed in words as far as possible without pictures, of course, if you have to use the picture, remember to add to the picture "ALT" label.

2, Shanghai dragon optimization.

classification of the product as far as possible the more detailed the better, for the user search habits into account. The product contains the product category; according to the brand classification, according to the use, according to the new classification, according to the best classification.

The overall architecture of the

1, website.

website structure is good, to do related work in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. For example: selected title and keywords page, column page, content pages and writing.

The overall architecture of the

to determine whether the page is a static page, you can see the URL page, if the URL contains? That is,%. The static and dynamic pages, so we have to modify the file to achieve the total station, the benefits of doing so is more conducive to search engine optimization.

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