How to solve the love Shanghai spiders don’t visit the website

I did not set the robot file, but before let a MP3 file and even stolen huge traffic, I removed the link in the first time, from the log on.

1, site space is not stable

love Shanghai morning update, Qi more blog keywords ranking and included no what changes, the business also continued for a period of time in Shanghai 2,3 each accounted for a position, the chain is one out of more than 1000. Only depressed or love Shanghai snapshot not update, site home page did not drop right, really helpless, simply go to the next web log, look at the love of Shanghai visiting or visiting spiders don’t grab it, a startled look, the Shanghai spiders didn’t love visit. Qi more on the combination of their own these days to discuss operation reasons not to access the spider.

these days, in order to solve the problem of love Shanghai snapshot not update the chain, do a little bit more, 3 days in a row in the A5 and Chinaz submission, and audit by the increase in the number of the chain may be invisible in the search engine to determine the further investigation for cheating. Like the original site just on the line of time home is down right, by updating the article and the chain rule, the 5 day fast solve page down the right, tomorrow is fifth days, can see a miracle and before the occurrence of. Need to pay attention to is to continue to maintain regular updates articles and increase the chain.

space should be unstable when one of the first reason, lasting 3 days, every day from time to time, and in the most active time that the spider spider ate 3 days cold-shoulder treatment, estimate the spider grudge against me that is quite big, angry simply lose my access to the station it seems that the next step is to focus on to attract the spider to visit, go to high weight forum to visit the link bait. The selected space must not be cheap, to find a good cost-effective space.

3, a sudden increase in external links too much

because of the time often published articles in space not open, forced to change the article published a few days time, this space is normal, re changed back to the original time, I think this may be the spider teasing him. The timing and quantitative post also have great effect.

5, access to the internal file invalid

these days in Links adjustment time, amount to no change, basically is to remove an increase in a Links position, made a little adjustment, remove all links in the page, retaining only the front page of a chain, and also disrupted before keep order, it is the Shanghai spiders love wandering in the door can not find the entry way, it may also be an effect, so nothing you don’t often go to the location of the chain transfer.

2, Links and position change of

4, article published from time to time

Effect of

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