Let the search engine to quickly find your Title Optimization of Nirvana



Title Optimization is the optimization means Taobao shop business but can be true for having heard it many times, the title and played a positive role in the implementation of the optimization is very rare. After the store traffic bottleneck, and even some shopkeeper blindly began to optimize the title, keywords, some improper or wrong ideas, in the future will optimize the title "surprise" that the product flow did not rise, but fell sharply, the original performance also general products may last, in the title after the search for direct optimization not to. So, how to optimize title? First, and most importantly, the Title Optimization method. What you need to optimize the title, why should optimize title. A good seller, on the shelves before the new product, the title should be ready, but more is the title of the shelves after optimization. As a product of natural search low flow slow rise or not rising, we should consider the optimization of title, Title General in the 1 hours after the product off the shelf, so that the influence of the original keyword weight is relatively small. Why do you want to optimize the title, I guess a lot of people do not know, anyway, others in the optimization that I also want to optimize. Optimization of title is to let your product consumer groups is faster and easier to find your product, let Taobao search engine can better classify products, determine your products comply with what people shopping needs, and gives the corresponding show crowd. So the title is to optimize the search engine watch, this point to keep in mind. Secondly, the title should be how to do optimization, using which tools, which is commonly used to add keywords? Is a function of the Amoy word data cube professional edition, e by the analysis of similar orders hot property and Taobao index query, e and data cube by professional edition is the need to pay, some customers buy is not possible but not willing to buy, so when not using these two tools, we should how effectively to optimize the title? The most basic, open the Taobao home page, enter the store in category most popular search words in the search box, select the recommended word drop-down box, with a customer store keywords for example:





is also a free common and very useful tools, but may we usually use less, the focus here is to mention, that is through train flow analysis:

for now the wireless client traffic accounted for more than 70% of the cases at the same time, we need to pay attention to the wireless client search recommended words:

of course, please don’t forget the words and keywords matching attribute function:

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