Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy no natural as natural

Shanghai dragon is a great technology, but now many people seem to think the Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology as the optimization of the content and the chain of the simple, original content hard to send the chain and write the time not No one shows any interest in, say, from time to time that day was the site in the sea K off, and then complain, engage in their own original, outside the chain of our high quality how also suffered such unfair treatment? This is actually a lot of the staff did not know Shanghai Longfeng optimization algorithm and algorithm of love Shanghai trend to.

of course this part of people engage in original content and high quality of the chain is still in Shanghai Longfeng optimization threshold, this than those who frequently engage in black chain, play keyword stuffing optimization rookie is progress, the author thinks that in the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng strategy should be shaped like a natural heart, nature, in other words, the trend is starting to change the love of Shanghai core algorithm in optimization, continuous adjustment, but on the site on the surface but let users look very natural, which is shaped like a natural, this is the highest realm of optimization.

one to adjust and optimize the site layout, ensure that the website framework and source code are in line with the central idea of love Shanghai algorithm, indirect non redundant, and completely eliminate from the code level plus some link optimization strategy, this strategy is a failure, it is not through the chain anchor text and relations the context of the page is more reasonable and natural. In the site layout and architecture to achieve excellence, but the reaction at the site of the external image is very natural, the user looks very comfortable.


now many experts are talking about the optimization of Shanghai dragon an important concept, it is natural to keep the website optimization, nature, return to nature. But this is not the right way is Shanghai dragon optimization strategy? I can only agree with the other half to half, or about the opposition.

optimization methods should pay attention to the chain and the chain combination, this way need to start from the details, focus on the optimization of the chain weight increasing, it is often said that the chain optimization method, but the performance at the macro level, if the chain of natural forwarding and release, without the slightest axe. Traces, but also convenient for users to track through the chain.

but this optimization strategy can only theoretically can be implemented, the core is actually the love Shanghai optimization guide, but we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, should be based on such strategic idea, as long as the direction is correct, then over time, the site’s ranking will naturally rise, from the love of Shanghai after each adjustment algorithm, website ranking will be able to see the ups and downs of this trend.

as optimization strategy of the macro, you should work on how to optimize micro can highlight the strategic thinking? I think we can from three aspects to show the natural heart, shaped like a natural optimization strategy.

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