There is no weight ranking website optimization how to put an end to have the order reversed

website ranking and what factors are

high weight website

many people fall into a misunderstanding, that the weight of the high ranking website, it must be very high; and the top of the site, its weight is very high, but the reality is not so. Google has long been known as the PR value of webmaster website weight indicator, but Google’s engineers had made it clear that the PR value is just a form of website weight. It is the comprehensive expression of a web site in Google search, and a keyword ranking and not much relationship. This is the reality of the situation and included many timely, rich content of the site, and even a lot of Google PR and Sogou SR scores high website, website ranking performance is not ideal. So we can draw a conclusion that the website weight and keywords ranking are linked, but not absolute, then what are the relationship between the two? And we from the website weight and website ranking factors about.

PR Sogou SR, the digital surface, we can judge a website weight. But to know whether Google or Sogou index update there is a slow process, but Google and Sogou can only represent two search engines, not enough to explain the overall weight of the overall site performance. Even if the PR and SR numerical, also through some phenomena and the nature shows, such as website snapshot update frequent site, at least the search spider to frequent site, website is search engine value. Enhance the website weight is not what difficult things, in accord with the website search engine based on the collection, as long as do content and links, and then quietly stick and wait, the website weight will slowly rise.

under the same conditions, the weight of the high site ranking is in front, determine the website ranking of the most important factors is the weight. However, this does not mean that the website weight high, keywords ranking must very front. In reality, the high weight website but no reason for this non normal meet the eye everywhere, the phenomenon is unknown or lack of website optimization website theme necessary. Change >


how to determine the website weight level? Although most search engines do not think Google did, give a specific website weight index. However, through the search engine performance, we can found clues, and it can be more real timely. The general weight high website: 1. content included fast, snapshot update timely: because the search engines frequently visit the website, and the website itself also has content updates, so snapshot and update. Many large websites or blogs, new content can be done after the release of the second, but also because of the weight of the high site factors; 2. the same content ranking: for example, we search for a word, the same content has many articles, but not in chronological order ranking. Some of the sites that rely on some ranking before, this is a search engine to consider the user experience, the site easier to win the trust of users.

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