refuse to Links exchange links

if any of the following circumstances, I will immediately delete email.

7) connected to your site links, and the other is not dozens or even hundreds of websites together. If yes, delete.

what is the use?

9) check the link in the page, and there is no nobility baby love Shanghai snapshot. If not, or snapshot is two months ago,.

6) when looking for the linked page in the previous step, page to link pages link text instead of using Links, or exchange links such as. If yes, delete.

11) look at his website, even to other sites. Is not even out of order to what passion for movies, ringtones, diet pills etc.. If yes, delete. (update: please look at the twenty-fifth, 26 comments)

3) in himself to the one on your page, there is no site in English link or links, if any, delete.

4) in his link to your web page, the page title is Links, if any, delete.

2) do you think he even to you from that page, you can get any traffic? Even click once a year or. If not, delete.

Exchange Links

every day I receive the requests are not under the twenty or thirty seal. 99% but I refused the request.

12) he is not ready to connect to your link. If not, delete. I got too much mail: be linked to me, I will link to you. Please! Is your first contact with me, you are not the first link to me, give me what to write letters. Unless your site is very important, the PR value is very high. This should be at least respected.

8) connected to the page of your PR is not in at least one above. If not, delete. Some owners said proudly: my site is PR5. He even over the web is zero, then you home PR5

5) to his website, you can find links to the page of your web site. If you can not find, or need to click on more than two times to find, delete the e-mail.

10) he suggested you from which page to connect to them, there is no reason? If not, delete.

in the beginning of a website, exchange links is also considered in a better way. Because when your site in the search engine rankings when what are not, you can hardly expect someone else to love you because the content automatically links to your site. You can take the initiative and other sites link to exchange links.

through these steps of filtering, in general, the one hundred letter.

1) his website and your website in the content has no correlation. If not, delete.

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