Case analysis love love Shanghai station network weights and network owners love Shanghai weight dif

station network without www domain screenshot love Shanghai Google pr=3

webmaster network with WWW weight + love station network without www love Shanghai love Shanghai weight, found that weight is equal to 3, which is love station network with WWW love Shanghai weight, so the author thinks that, and not the 2 sites like Shanghai is not the same as the weight, but the calculating way 2 the site is not the same, in stationmaster net, with or without the WWW station >

love Shanghai Figure two


love love Shanghai station network weights and why stationmaster net love Shanghai weights are so different?


love Shanghai weight =1


you can see, the two Google PR website website tools to obtain information are the same, if the two site data acquisition methods are not the same, I believe that Google PR website also should not be the same as you, but why love station network love Shanghai love Shanghai stationmaster net weight and the weight difference is so big? I recently in the preferred site of the domain (about what is the best domain, suggest that you go to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, here will not explain the), found a strange phenomenon,

for love station network without www domain screenshot love Shanghai weight =2, Google pr=3

webmaster love Shanghai love Shanghai with WWW weight, weight =1, without www love Shanghai weight =1

love love Shanghai station network weights, with the love of WWW Shanghai =3 www without the weight, weight =2

If you take the

is a statistical data love station network, love Shanghai weight =3

webmaster tools to obtain information net weight =1 pr=3

Figure four is the


with Google PR update, we began to focus on love Shanghai weight, exchange Links and competitor analysis of friends should be very familiar with the Shanghai love weight (although love Shanghai official did not give a definition of the weight of love Shanghai, but fell in love with the sea weight does exist, we can go to Shanghai to love search engine manual 2 we usually understand), through love station network tools and webmasters tools to query the competitors or Links exchange information, I believe that many webmaster often encounter such a problem – station network query tool weight and love love Shanghai love Shanghai station network weights often have great difference, what is why? Some people say love is statistical data station network and network owners are not the same, here I will not say what, I believe that this is largely a matter of opinion Things, recently I find strange phenomenon in search of this website domain name.


Figure three


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