How will do the first station keywords products

website our main work is to improve the website and add to the content and the chain to the site. Perfect the website includes: adding 404 pages to the site, to the site of compression, submit a site to the search engine etc.. This article is from my responsibility. My article is mainly through the pseudo original. It was at work, the first thing is to go to work I website updated two articles. I am not an exaggeration to say that my two articles updated absolutely enough quality. Although the original is false. Occasionally write some stories. The user should see more love. If the chain is shared by me and my friend. Get the chain when we are busy through the forum signature.

is optimized for a period of time the website ranking no improvement. Just have to love Shanghai update algorithm. Our website like other stations there site not the normal situation, and such a phenomenon is one of several months. This month is a confused period. I really don’t know when I do it. This time I still add articles to the site to do the chain. Yes, "

I also do website construction background but because of bad art by my friends so the construction site to complete, but I have not been idle, I was ready to fill the first mission of the quality of the content on the site at any time. Although a website is not difficult, but there are a lot of problems. My friend and I relax. The site has yet to do it. I remember I once asked me how the site is not ready, he asked me how not to add the article. Is to blame each other. Fortunately this time did not let us give up. Finally one day do website.

The establishment of

remember in 2011, it is not work in a well-known company, then do work is to update the company website. The work is very relaxed. At that time she felt that his salary is not enough to spend like by other means to earn some money. One day a friend and discussion, that he has this idea. According to their own advantage we decided to make a product stand. Because we are doing this piece of health care products. So just a product. Because I work in the company is not so good in my name to sell products, so let me contact friends with our manager. Talk about the contract thing. Finally reached. We help companies selling products, we take 40%, take 60%. A good set of products we are ready to make a stand, and then through the optimization of the station to get customers and sell the products out. This product is ready for the construction of the station.

confused period


1. website background

3. website optimization

share with you before four months how I will do second of the industry website, today to share with you how I will do the first station product keywords, we hope it can be harvested after.


pre production site


After the

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