Ya’an don’t cry we are always together

instant search launched the "Ya’an hold on! For the earthquake praying!" special topics, including news, watch the scene, love flesh and blood, all points of view, news photos, video, news media attention and the latest reported 8 news column.



first impression is changed — "love Shanghai logo Clifford Ya’an, looking for a miracle of life", in the special reports, the launch of the 9 column, are safe, users search posts daily, area map, map, search and rescue, practical guide hedge Raiders, Atlas, earthquake scene video and real-time news.

Tencent "watch Lushan rescue, praying Ya’an peace special report, also launched 9 columns, respectively, is the latest news, Atlas, video set, information on the victims, micro-blog broadcast, earthquake tracing platform, users, donation Encyclopedia: Earthquake Rescue Manual, micro-blog star praying.

in April 20th at 8:02 in the morning, Sichuan 7 earthquake occurred in Ya’an County of Lushan city. After the earthquake, the first batch of Shanghai Internet Co love to the disaster area donation of 5 million yuan in the first time, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu, immediately, 360 companies have donated in donations at the same time, using their own platform for public reports.



said the NetEase, to praise them, in the first time of the earthquake, the NetEase launched the first news topic, provide help for users to understand the latest news of the earthquake.

360 search page logo gray, launched the "Sichuan 7 Ya’an earthquake special report and 360 earthquake tracing, followed by a reminder" please try to use the Internet and text messages are safe, missing. The communication resources are valuable to rescue life! ", here are the 360 Sina search, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, etc. other love Shanghai search entrance entrance, the bottom is the foundation and the Sina micro public welfare donation entrance.


Sogou search engine logo is more vivid, one of the "0" with a red line to replace the beating heart, put up the mouse show "Sichuan 7 earthquake occurred in Ya’an, Ya’an". Click on the topic in a little simple, mainly by the earthquake live video, hospital rescue resources, the latest rescue information, donation channel, earthquake weather forecasting and tracing help information registration.



is the major media or the Internet, or are we very little business owners or not, we just want to say.

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