Google intends to use the 1 button to sort the search results

this program can also explain why Google is pushing the user name in the noble baby +. Google is trying to find out and remove the false name used in the noble baby + account, this practice has caused many users dissatisfied. However, if Google introduced from +1 button information in the search engine, it will attract many spammers and search engine optimization services using noble baby +, and these institutions often use pseudonyms. (Li Li


said: "Google is studying +1 users to click on the button, it will become a signal can affect the search results ranking. Any sort of signal for the purpose of improving the quality of the whole search. +1 button and other social signals, we at the beginning will be very cautious, and study the relationship between these signals and the quality of search results."

this is not surprising, but the move will give Google search engine to add social elements, and at the same time to open a new field of search engine optimization. Google has confirmed the existence of a plan in an email.

but from the beginning of last week, Google +1 enhanced the function of the button. When the user clicks the button on a page, the page will be shared with friends on the noble baby +, this function is similar to the Facebook "Like" button. Therefore, the next step will use Google users to share and talk about the content of information to improve search results.

but for Google, currently in search results from +1 add button information will be very sensitive, because Google is currently under investigation by regulators in the United States and europe. Investigation of regulators on whether Google is in the search results tend to their products.

Google launched +1 button in March this year, but Google did not take any measures to attract users to click on the button. If the user in a website, click on the button, so when the user’s friends to the same keyword search, avatars will appear on the site next to the link.

      August 30th Beijing time evening news, Google is trying to push the +1 button into a "Crowdsourcing" tool, so as to realize the reordering of search results, and better combat Internet spam.


in order to cope with the possible regulatory pressure, Google has deliberately weakening the influence of +1 button in this area. Google said: "we use more than 200 signals to determine the site in search results, and last year we search engine algorithms for more than 500 times improvement."

Google spokesman

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