The construction of the chain within the site we need to avoid the four common mistakes

a house does not sweep sweep the world. Some people did not pay attention to the internal optimization and the optimization of the site itself, it will fall into the external optimization, at last found all in vain. This is like a bucket effect, if you do not solve the problem of the bucket basic, just fill in water. The last is not what effect. But on the current trend of search engine for website optimization is more and more valued. In the station optimization we need to pay attention to the problem would be far more than outside the station optimization, such as web site navigation, site structure, UI and so on. The construction site of the internal links of one of the most important role. It will not only affect the site ranking, but also directly related to the user friendly experience. We also need to build the link station noticed a lot of details and misunderstanding.

two: the same page to avoid excessive use of keywords

: avoid the correlation between one page

anchor text effect on all the links is regarded as the best. So we will add some key > in the content in our

three: avoid the use of anchor text single chain

is a successful site needs a large number of high quality original content, and how are these contents can be more quickly by the user to find the one, we must solve the problem, we can do the work in the navigation bar, in the construction of the chain is one of the key points in the chain is we have correlation pay special attention to a need in the construction we do within the chain when the. The chain link has relevance not only can make the search engine spiders to crawl the site more deeply, but also can make the visitors more in-depth access to our site. For this we can be simply understood as two classification related content are connected to each other through hyperlinks. At the same time, we can also use the related reading, reading, hot like to build in the chain. Of course we should avoid content related to each other, because this is a big blow to the user friendly experience.

I want to have all the words are added to the page on the impulse for each optimization personnel, but we all know, Shanghai dragon is the most taboo search engine optimization excessive, determine whether you use the means of cheating is if there is no search engine you will do this? In the author experience, the author thinks that on the same page the best placed keywords around three of the best, it can not only make our site more secure, but also can not make the weight of our site pages over assigned, also help to improve the site’s ranking. The reason is very simple, if you put five or six words on the same page, the page of the weight of natural will be divided into five or six parts, each keyword weight will be obtained is reduced, and the weight and ranking has a profound relationship. In this regard, we do in the station optimization, not because of greed and the number of keywords, and ignore the overall situation.

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