Discussion on how to use the build class the chain link bait

news: create link bait

link bait is very simple to do, such as the Shanghai dragon Wangzhuan or technical articles made of e-books, and share to the website, and even can be released to love Shanghai library, so download e-books can bring your own website address, or put the articles on their own on the site, allowing others to download books or e-books through the link to my website, this is the chain of bait is quite good, but also can give your site to bring good traffic! If you think of e-books more trouble, so Taobao asked people to do is spend not much money, but the effect is quite good


above three linkbait speaking are relatively simple problems, but if we really do when there may be various, in addition to the second download link bait we can easily control the topic, link bait and news link bait is not very good but we have to control, operation method see others a lot, slowly.

is now a lot of news more and more soft culture, especially the commercial news is even more so, this is because the news dissemination is very high, so we can think of a way to get news as we gain extra chain bait, for example, we often see a keyword index on security in Shanghai for example, nuclear radiation before love Shanghai index is zero, after the nuclear leak in Japan, the nuclear radiation love Shanghai index suddenly reached 15000, which is typical of the news of the outbreak of the results, so we can easily by the outbreak of keywords, the chain to make your website, then issued to each big website, you can get a lot of natural reproduction, so the chain can increase the

soon! !Create a

two: create a download link bait

is now a lot of people for the construction of the chain is very headache, outside chain is also very important for a web site, then there is no both to save money and can get a lot of the chain? As long as you think, it’s there, because the world will never more than the problem. Only you can not think, no you can not do, in the time of the construction of the chain, the thought of several methods of linkbait, I will put my experience out of devotion to share with you, I hope we can get the criticisms and suggestions of

on the network is everywhere in the topic, there is fierce debate, in fact many sports forum topic will never be outdated, and every weekend will be filled with all sorts of arguments, we can use these topics to create link bait, we also can build by some of the entertainment topic for example, event xuriyanggang and Wang Feng, Chen Yao divorce and so on are able to release out as a link bait, in order to attract others reproduced, let your site outside the chain into a geometric growth of

three: create a topic type linkbait

! In fact, this kind of

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