Optimization method of keyword ranking 10 million trophy love Shanghai four enterprises station

two is in the chain. In the current trophy chain method is mainly to do more, at the top of each page is the enterprise stand standard and product categories, and the bottom of the page is within the chain, the price situation, the game trophy trophy projects, such as basic page classification. In the product page, the product description content is mainly through the anchor text link program generated words, each page is the same as the big trophy". In the special page and news page, but also through the program automatically generates large links using the absolute path. Within the chain, the trophy net still is planning to be better in large chain and page content combine to produce better to optimize the website.

introduction and analysis about the basic situation, the trophy is a enterprise website trophy custom-made wholesale website, currently only two big trophies and medals, trophies love Shanghai included 31 million, 29 million medals, medals trophies included 16 million noble baby, included 13 million. The trophy in National Day last year after the project was officially launched, the domain name is the choice of idle www.jbjp.net for two years in the early online search engine page weight is not high, only a single digit included, after three months of program minor adjustment, at present the enterprise network with sea beenincluded station trophy 1170, included 1680 noble baby a.

is a content. The content is not much, the trophy also content is the same, the content is the main picture, with some product specifications and prices, some basically automatic generation of program description includes the trophy and trophy for the occasion, the price project trophy, with some product classified pages, such as the trophy the price of the page, the page for the game where the trophy, the trophy project page, so that the entire site is about 1800 pages. Therefore, the trophy network update daily 5, every 35 days update a news article and topic page, mainly in the original content, the content has been slowly love Shanghai included, this performance is acceptable.


three is the chain. Enterprise stand to do the promotion is nothing more than a registered member, in the major industry website updates, with links to the main anchor text trophy. Before and after the registration of the industry Web site members a lot, but can send the chain is not much, although this is still the main force. While Links is passive, occasionally there are also related sites plus Links, if can add some trophies of the chain, believe that this ranking and weight better. In the blog website, there are some websites registered several blogs, published some reprinted network news and related trophy blog based. In general, the trophy outside the network chain to increase efforts to better results.

trophy qianwanji keyword in love Shanghai top four, mainly rely on a lot of Shanghai dragon ER recommended content, within the chain, the chain to do these, promote the way mainly through the following three aspects:

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