Shanghai dragon mobile network optimization has become the key times occupied the commanding heights

according to the latest statistics show that the development of mobile network has entered the fast track, the number of mobile Internet users in 2011 has more than 400 million, in 2012, the number of users of mobile Internet users will be more than the traditional Internet for the first time, the mobile Internet era is irreversible, so the mobile Internet as the main supplier, how the mobile Internet the number of sites to get users better, how to occupy a better search engine rankings, it has become a top priority! In other words, who knows the optimization technology of Shanghai dragon mobile network, who occupied the commanding heights of the mobile Internet era!

but we know, because the mobile internet terminal is very different, if only the screen size of the myriads of changes, the traditional website on the Internet over the cellular network, it will cause difficulties and even browse, garbled, confusing, so many people think that this decision although the rapid growth of the number of mobile Internet users, but because the content provider site into can’t keep pace with the needs of users, thus forming a bottleneck of the development of the mobile network! For the Shanghai dragon optimization industry does not seem like a good thing, but because of the success of the development of new technology, the problems have been solved!

is the development of new technology, creating the current website on mobile network competition fierce, mobile search concept has begun to mature, love Shanghai and Google force mobile network has become an indisputable fact, this shows that Shanghai has to go to the Dragon optimization to the mobile network, for example, Google has launched the crawler can only mobile phone web crawler tool aristocratic baby bot-Mobile, which will enhance the mobile search user experience, such as the new web crawlers, can let us see specifically for mobile phone browsing content and directory optimization, so as to further enhance the search engine market share!

prepared by the HTML5 website, the page structure of traditional Internet sites and WAP sites are not more than twenty percent, and if the use of HTML5+CSS3+Javascript prepared the front page, then you can directly transfer to the mobile network, and now most of the station program, has been upgraded to HTML5+CSS3+Javascript! To the mobile network platform has brought impossible! So as to solve the bottleneck of the development of the mobile network!

for the website backstage program of mobile network, basically provides a variety of functions related to the data analysis, more than

also love Shanghai does not dry behind, released a white paper to optimize their own mobile network, to guide the work of the Shanghai dragon optimization workers for mobile networks website optimization, the optimization of mobile network drive is very obvious! Also from YAHOO search is also planning a mobile first search plan, therefore, well optimization of mobile network, it basically occupied the commanding heights of the mobile network!

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