Discussion on using QQ group promotion skills

Three When it comes to

chat tools, QQ and MSN are the most common. In fact, in a chat in the way to promote their product information, this is also a very effective promotion methods, neither let the group of friends that you are in the deliberate promotion, also won’t let them off. But the QQ group promotion skills is needed, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ and Shanghai dragon) here we take a look at its skill at:

four skills: to regular daily activities; and not today I’m not going to send promotional information I will not appear in this group, but every day to say hello, let people remember you, active in many times, people naturally remember you, remember what is your ID. Is your promotion information.

two skills: added to the group later to modify the group name card; modify the name of the best to take you to the promotion of the information in the notes can also be introduced, this will be your promotion information capacity into the group name card, the promotion effect will be better.

skills: make use of the additional function group; in addition to advertising in the group, we can also use many additional functions to the QQ group promotion, such as group mail, this is everyone can see, and in the short term will not because others content covered or delete this class afraid, others can not see what the. And the conversion rate is very high. As well as group sharing, group photo album can be very good to promote your information.

three skills: to promote the digital content less, is the best picture; we can picture can play on the website, LOGO and other information, so the form than release of the text links is much better. Because the picture was stupid text good-looking, more relaxed, let people know what you want to express, rather than a long word may not know what you want to express, this will attract the group Friends of the eye.

skills: fewer members group and inactive group as far as possible without this; the popularity of the group is not high, the atmosphere is not active enough, nor what activities, we do not often communicate with, do promotion is not meaningful.


QQ group promotion is a way to promote the website promotion in the most direct, do not need too much what means, not as soft have the brains to want to write, as long as you in the usual chat in.

skills: just don’t send ads directly into the group, this is the most annoying; the direct access to the theme of the general practice results are very bad, the worst is T. In order to send advertising added group, will let the group of friends is despised, but also no effect. We must learn to be implanted in the chat in advertising. Should first build feelings, then do marketing. Often a group of friends exchanges, interaction, narrowing the distance between each other, give a person you trust feeling, not false. You will send the connection we dare to see and participate in.

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