The website of Shanghai dragon new optimization techniques

web site optimization is a very difficult work, because they do not know whether their optimization work has an effect on the website optimization, are feeling the stones. I may do a lot of useless. So in order to do a good job in Shanghai dragon, in the process of optimization but also move their brains, to achieve the desired results. The following Xiaobian introduce some experience of their own research.



How to update the articles published in the 1.

a lot of online experience is to tell you how to send the chain, but if you can not grasp the good method, many.

1. released outside the chain, but the chain did not bring traffic to the site, of course, the effect is very small.

2. user experience is very poor, although there are plenty of articles within the chain, but is not the user needs, the user may look at the left, to jump out rate is very high.

we all know, the site of the Shanghai dragon has two very important work, that’s the hair inside and outside the chain chain, which is a tedious work, but often consume a lot of energy published articles within the chain and other sites to release the chain, the final website is still not very good rankings, that is

? You have to understand, the ultimate role of the chain and the chain is to improve site traffic and improve the user experience. How do you do this? The following small has its own website as an example to introduce.

website article is directly affect the user experience, user access to the site to find what you want, but how to define whether you want to find something, search engine is the machine, not a man, not so smart. So it may be used to define the user access time, access time is longer, indicating that the user is interested on your site, so the article must be with the theme of the site, in a small series of their own website, the website is dedicated to share small computer chair related knowledge website, the name itself is with the computer chair, called "computer chair community", then I will update the site on the computer chair article, involving a variety of long tail keywords computer chair, articles included more, naturally there will be a certain flow. But if the user bounce rate is too high, the site does not have good rankings, so small they think of a method, using the method illustrated, such a good experience for the user, the user will see the patient down the contents of the text, the natural residence time is long, there is at the end of the paper with a segment of the other the words, and use colors and fonts to distinguish keywords, the most important is the use of beautiful pictures in this sentence, can let the user navigate to this natural place, can greatly improve the user clicks, access to other pages, more natural residence time doubled, it is small to out of their own. As shown in figure

chain why?Although

Shanghai dragon How to release the chain

How to solve the above problems about

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