To find optimization of the direction to Shanghai Dragon

search engine is love new things, if it is time to crawl sites of the content is the same, it will feel very tired, do not want to come to your website. To update the timing quantitative articles every day, the spider will often visit your site.

second, clear navigation

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chain directly affect the site’s ranking, but the chain can not blindly add, if you go to the ranking is not stable, not timely update the snapshot site links, that your site will be involved.

fourth, try to use some long tail keywords


sixth, regular update site article

website content in addition to ensure the original, but also have value, out of the ordinary place. In addition, the layout of the article, paragraph and so on is very important, if the period is too long, typos, the statement is not fluent, it will seriously affect the user’s reading effect, is not conducive to the development of the website.

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we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to do the above points, conscientiously deal with every aspect of the work, will have more income.

third, the content of the website

although the long tail keywords search volume is not large, but its conversion rate is very high, can reduce the site of the first page of the difficulty, is a very good way, very helpful for the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

First, optimize the structure of Optimization of

navigation can help spiders crawl the site information quickly, is a very friendly to the search engine. Remember, it is best not to put a lot of pictures and flash add in navigation, search engine is unable to identify the picture and the contents of flash, flash will make a lot of pictures and included in the site affected.

fifth, outside the chain of high quality

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the structure of the site to achieve flat, be clear and distinct, color collocation is reasonable and so on, this will give users a good impression, they will be willing to continue browsing your site.

find the right direction. Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization. On the site of the increasingly high demand, so how do the Shanghai dragon optimization, let yourself have a space for one person in this competitive market? We have to find the precise method to optimize the direction, to achieve a multiplier effect.

can write some fine articles, to those large websites related to publishing, and links to your website, as long as the quality of your high enough, will be able to attract a large number of users, and promote the development of the website.

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