Google site for punishing excessive optimization webmaster

1, over optimize site structure

from Shanghai about love Shanghai Longfeng suggestions we know Shanghai dragon is the work of rational planning from the perspective of the structure of the site, construction scheme, user interactive communication, make the site more suitable for search engines to retrieveprinciples, to hand over optimized method, it is around this point to start that can have an impact for our webmaster also lies in these points.

website has been a controversial topic in you, the original or false original, acquisition or manual, keyword layout, pictures of the beautiful degree and so a series of problems plaguing us, but there are still many webmaster hope in the content construction of fast and convenient to obtain the favour of search engine, note: here only for a favor search engine. Before the ink wonderful to know the search engine for cheating a new understanding, as shown below is typical in the page to insert the words "the Spy Next Door", in order to improve keyword density, improve the degree of correlation, but obviously affect the user experience of malicious insert keywords, the search engine in the back for >

, 2 over optimized content constructionThe

this is a very new concept, a lot of friends may not have heard of it, because we only said optimization to the structure of the site, such a concept without website structure optimization may also be excessive. The website structure is divided into the physical and logical structure, generally if we use the open source program, the theatre of dreams, ZBLOG, WordPress can well solve these logic problems, but there are some friends want to get more weight in the internal optimization, and the construction of network structure is very complex in the internal web site, let users and spiders in the internal web site can not extricate themselves, this is very dangerous, for users, will certainly come to our website to quickly find what you want, and then go to the development of other interests, and for the search engine spiders, also like this, let the search engines crawl your site all pages as soon as possible. Then index, this is what we should do, rather than let it fall into a complex network, because whether a spider or the user’s patience is limited.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. 3.18, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog Search Engine Land reported that Google will punish the excessive use of Shanghai Dragon technology website, according to the information I understand that the Google technology, mainly for the simple purpose: to make more intelligent and noble baby Bot, to improve the relevance of search results, and thorough investigation of abuse in Shanghai Phoenix technology website, hope everyone is more fair competition. Obviously this technology promotion and to strictly control the excessive optimization, there is a very big impact for our webmaster, for some rely on cheating and excessive optimization site, it would be devastating to a technical upgrade. The following virtual son rain have some thoughts with you about yourself.

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