How to make your site from the trash to love Shanghai

, a server. A website where the server if the regular problems, sometimes hacked, then your website will often cannot access, Mo said users do not want into your website, even love spiders in Shanghai will stay away from your website, in the course of time, your site will enter the trash falls in love with the sea. This is made to love Shanghai right down the consequences. The stability of the server down the right proportion accounted for about 50%, most of the sites down the right is the main reason for this. Before one of my sites because of the change in the server, the server is not stable at last, almost fell in love with K off the sea, fortunately in time for the stability of the server. I understand, would rather spend more money, do not go to waste server. If we choose to do the station, is to take care of these.

how to make your site from the trash to love Shanghai, as long as the above three factors, the basic can diagnose the cause of 90% of the site right down. So >

two, the chain. Many beginners are busy every day, but they do one thing, this thing is the chain. Continue to increase the number of the chain site, everywhere to post articles. This is not wrong, everyone is like this, the key is the chain you release is stable, if the chain number you once from 5000 down to 3000, think about it, the search engine will see how. So, do the chain, but not for more refinement. See into the daily sequential, not too much, much love in Shanghai will think of cheating, your website has been the possibility of K. Right down the chain accounted for the proportion of 25%, to make your website from trash love Shanghai, you have to pay attention to them.

The stability of The stability of

several days did not write the article, remember the last time I wrote an article in " " the six reason to end, Shanghai Longfeng optimization; are using optimization Shanghai Longfeng precautions, and today we explore the factors and the weight ratio on the site right down. Because communication with many owners, often hear the website by K phenomenon, many websites could drop right. Why, you over optimized, or are you in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scanty knowledge of it. I believe that many novices know, right down the website has a great impact on a website, hard to do the site turned out into the trash can love Shanghai, love Shanghai to your site of garbage, certainly not optimistic about your website, this effect can not be ignored. Why there are still many stations will often be right down, below I summarize analysis:

three, the content of the website. The website is to bring value to the user, but a lot of garbage station not to do so, they desperately collected a lot of content, even without any processing, direct release. When love Shanghai spiders access to your website and found so much content is repeated, don’t you stand thrown into the trash in Shanghai strange love. The contents of the original site is very important, only the website can bring some value to the user, the search engine will naturally favor your website. The content of the website factors accounted for 25% down the right proportion.

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