The five step detailed how to analyze competitor’s website webmaster


two, the site of the internal links set

, the title of the article writing

webmaster in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, not only to their own understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the site, also need to grasp a competitor’s site. As the saying goes: Zhiyizhibi, you can. Through the optimization method, the analysis of the competition promotion skills, as a way to optimize the comprehensive analysis, so as to give your website to make a detailed analysis on the optimization of operation plan, so as to make their own optimization effect is more obvious. Here I give you site optimization explain how to analyze competitor.

as the site most easy for users to generate a sense of trust and attract the attention of the user in the title, in fact we analysis on the competition website, tend to ignore this. Most of the webmaster analysis in the analysis focused on the other aspects, such as keyword selection, description method, and the title is not interested. In fact, for the analysis of the web site, through the analysis of the title of the article how to write, how to do the optimization of such writing is very helpful. For example, the type of his rival with the website is losing weight, the same article, write your own is the ten way to lose weight, while rival is written by experts recommend ten ways to lose weight two different titles, the effect is certainly better than your opponent, because the opponent know stand in the user’s psychology to write, and this title can attract the attention of users, the key lies in the experts recommended that word. So, for the analysis of competitor’s website, the first step is to check the opposition website article title written, see the article with writing, a good way to learn from their own use, for the analysis of user psychology, is a good method to improve the user experience.

in website optimization, webmaster all know, reasonable site within the chain does not have a little help for ranking and user experience, so we in the analysis of competition website, setting skills of internal links natural rival site analysis is indispensable, and now have to take care of the search engine for the inner trend the role of the chain, a chain of good sites have been some points in the ranking and user experience, but also cleverly set inside chain can make the spider crawling more smoothly in time, can also make the site a big net woven without chaos, to improve the site PV value, which is also the user experience a perfect compensation. Then we set in the analysis of website in the chain, you can start from the following aspects: the use of a chain of keywords in the use of keywords strong correlation in chain anchor text is available to enhance the ranking. Two within the chain within the chain pointing to the page, a variety of pages can effectively alleviate the excessive optimization of the suspects, the same.


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