Sharing website clone mirrored hazards and prevention techniques

page head region using base tags, to a certain extent to determine the site preferred domain and not by other malicious domain name to replace the benefits.

2. program to change the site location, from the root directory to a directory. If the program can be implemented, can effectively solve the problem of malicious malicious website image, because the mirror can only parse IP, to bind with the directory.

two. Malicious mirror through the domain name age advantage to opponents, however, the newly established website does not have what weight to the search engine to cause confusion, immature technology of the search engine is not true or false, often victims of malicious mirror are new hand just site, I do not know how to deal with these.


The mirror is also called The

. First of all I would like to explain the following not all sites will be malicious image here, when the site is the case when there may be several malicious image, independent of the IP website is a necessary condition for malicious images, although we advocate the use of independent IP website by other websites to avoid involvement, second is the site has been installed a good file located in the root directory, third new website domain name weight as malicious opponent mirror. Malicious image operation is very simple and only need to open their own top-level domain in the domain management, modify the following A record for it.

1. space. This article only provides a feasible plan. In fact, if you do not solve the root problem and independent IP program, only a temporary solution. Because the malicious replacement costs and easier to operate.

malicious malicious clone others website, in the domain name record in others fill in Ip address space, so as to be malicious cloning sites, when visitors open two distinct web site, but the site content is as like as two peas. If it is Google search engine if there is no need to worry about this problem, for the optimization of Shanghai sex friends to be careful, love Shanghai takes some time to finalize the domain name. Below I introduce the cloning principle and how to prevent these problems.


three. Just site webmaster actually don’t panic is the so-called is a policy, there are countermeasures, even malicious image successfully, two websites are not malicious image look as like as two peas, full control of our website, here I introduce different situations in different ways to deal with.

3. server operation. If your server can be set to prohibit the direct access through the IP, you must use a domain name to visit, then set it.


above is the prevention of several methods of website is being cloned, we just want to help my friends have. In this paper, by Schindler released in Fuzhou Shanghai dragon printing network 贵族宝贝fzywzx贵族宝贝, please keep the connection

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