3 characteristics of the panda algorithm

2. website: with the characteristics of the second categories in the small personal website is not very obvious, in some of the more famous site is very obvious, for example, we know that the Jingdong and Taobao mall, Dangdang website is an authoritative website, authoritative website and user experience is to maintain long-term with excellent website, the user viscosity.

this year with the ringing in 2012, Google changed its search engine algorithm in 2011, we will change the algorithm called Panda algorithm, love Shanghai algorithm has been largely based on the Google global search engine leader pace followed, in Google launched the panda algorithm by 2012, apparently also love Shanghai imitation Google practices inside also launched a panda algorithm, but now most of our Shanghai dragon doesn’t know a thing with this algorithm changes, I believe that many webmaster of the Internet is still stuck in the change of an algorithm, this is why we this year in each big forum Shanghai dragon are occasionally talk forum character signature weight reduced, I believe there is not a Accidentally, but search engine faces the inevitable product of the Internet as a result of the progress in the world. The panda algorithm targeted mainly lies in the following aspects:

The authority of the

for the page content is far more than this small problem in the forum signature shortcomings, in person or on the company’s website with outstanding is particularly obvious, such as take my personal blog www.jtan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 website, in the new period, because I love Shanghai will often update the content and often were grab, but when my blog for a few months is the time of the railway station, love Shanghai automatically to my blog for the statistics and analysis of the original, my site in included in the article page and an effective analysis, remove those high repetition of this page. What we see included many personal websites in over half a year after the start of the included plummeted.

In fact,

1. page: in fact, the content about why we do now to reduce the weight of individual signature reasons I just mentioned above lies in this, because we have too many people doing the signature write thank you for sharing your ah, ah, what support, these three types of vocabulary on behalf of the top post, we may actually have a part not to regard it as right, we have these three types of vocabulary in a post, we know the major forums like A5, every post is very much, when there is such a large number of words of each post, search engine is the most hate because of this, the probability of words is too high, the high similarity search engine itself the most hate, so this leads directly to the search engine even included this post will be a The degree of the right down, the signature us is to weight loss, of course this right down the program completely this post have high similarity decision.

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