The electricity supplier website how to improve customer satisfaction

many friends often love to put some weight on the homepage, and ignore the content of the page. Often there will be a lot of this website content page, not all visitors to browse, within a limited period of time so we will let visitors enter the site, to see their web page of interest. So, we’ll plan each page in the site at the beginning of the priority, especially products less sites, as much as possible so that visitors can easily see the page content high priority, here we discuss how to promote the highest priority of Shanghai dragon page. So we should be inspired, in the aspect of product planning, to attract visitors to enter the home page does not necessarily have to choose. We should take the position of deep excavations in the page, but always think as long as they can in the search engine to search the home page can be. But in fact, home may only suitable for those most common goals. The deeper and more specific pages tend to be more can help us to achieve the transformation, this time, if you put them as a landing page, visitors will find only in the specific search engine click once to access these pages and find what they want.

is planning to highlight the related product page or content page priority

if the visitors to your site has enough interest, they may be through the search >

search precision

plate function

title and description contains the user interested keywords

we should often find the existence of such a situation, we fell in love with the sea to the things that we are interested in it through the search, but after the point in, and did not find this product or information, many are looking for a long time did not find. Leave the last to be disappointed, for this problem, especially some of the electricity supplier website, but had to say, wasted a flow. Then we build electricity supplier website how to do to avoid this problem?

site construction personnel should know, usually each page can be set and the title and description, and is the object that we need to optimize the page. Where is the content page, for the flow of the most direct points. In order to be able to play a good effect, the page should contain the title to attract visitors and information useful to them. If visitors from search engines into these pages, these pages are often called "landing page". The landing page is often the most visitors interested in the page, because they attract the visitor into. And often landing pages and into the page is the same page, so we must be good for their target page written words. This approach is often the title description to include the target flow are searching for appropriate keywords information. This confirmed that it was the visitors to find their own website at the first glance, trying to give some compelling content to add to existing pages. We can through some long tail keywords to achieve the content page for users to find the chance.

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