Liu Jun how fast through love of Shanghai

website launched a month later at the beginning of full details of Shanghai Longfeng details, and began to add external links, this effect is far more than a beginning link, began to put all the details of the Shanghai dragon do much better. Shanghai dragon is a long-term work. "

many friends will ask whether you need to start a new site in the chain, launched in the new site inside the first month don’t do the chain is the best. The reason is very simple, the search engine that an external link should be the user that the site quality is very good, and then take the initiative to reprint the content of the website, resulting in external links, according to this principle, the new website on-line in the first month not what content, how to generate natural external links

sandbox, that is to say the new website online, Google is not included, no matter what you do, after 3 months at the start of your website contains. In fact, love Shanghai also has a sandbox period, commonly known as love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai sandbox and Google are a bit different, generally speaking, Shanghai Longfeng do good website, on-line on the first day will be included, but only included a home page only, not included in the page, and it can also have a good ranking ranking, but a few days later disappeared. This time you will find that no matter what you do, love Shanghai is not to give you the second snapshots pages are not included in your site. If you check your web log, may be found in Shanghai have to grab your love inside pages, included within your site page, but is not released, this is commonly known as the Shanghai of the love.

We all know that Google

you did the website of Shanghai Longfeng, about 2 weeks after Shanghai will begin to release your love inside pages included and second snapshot. What we care about is how fast through love Shanghai period? Let love Shanghai website internal page as soon as possible, accelerate the snapshot of web page with the new time.

suggested that new website not Shanghai dragon is excessive, such as the Shanghai dragon skills don’t do too much. The first month just add the original article, personal advice 5 pieces a day, every 1000 words, which added ten anchor text, every day with a new website, a month later, the search engine will automatically be included inside pages, and start every day for your website snapshot.

if you can’t write so many original articles, it will be at least from 5 different articles together, made into a pseudo original article. This stitching up the false original article is not enough, the next step will be the finishing order smooth, many of my friends do this step that false original article ends, in fact it is not so. Do the station in the inside of the anchor text, search engine this can give a very good impression, do the anchor text of the original nature is, at the same time it can effectively enhance the user experience, and web browsing bounce rate, guide users to browse the website of other articles.

?So in the new

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