Analysis from the perspective of the importance of Web site weight

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two: look at the website ranking

is only for reference, and the webmaster query tool, not only can be as a basis for determining factors, because love Shanghai has a lot of influence snapshot update speed, such as web space quality, such as domain name provider stability and so on will cause love Shanghai speed snapshot update anomalies, of course we can determine how the site speed can come out the weights in the performance of a certain period of time through the love of Shanghai in general, snapshot update! The snapshot update speed, the website weight will be higher

: a look at the website content included speed and number of

to view the site of the amount collected is in the search engine’s search box enter the SITE:www.xxxx贵族宝贝 command, you can see your website contains much content, if the content is more, so that the weight of your site can also, but also through each stage of the content of the website included to analyze website weights, such as the recent the website included more, your website for the search engine is very interested in, the natural weight will be a little higher! You can also determine their own sites included speed, as a collection of sites such as A5 are the second, if your site is not up to the second, but would be able to reach, then the weights can still receive! If you find the site weight is not ideal, it should try to do website content, let the love of spiders in Shanghai eat more comfortable, good website The chain, let the love of spiders in Shanghai for more than a few times your website

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analysis tools of

website weight

know the weight of the website, "

now some website weight query tool is also very fire, and the accuracy of query can also be considered, but this is a reference which can not only as a criterion, we can find the weight of these query tools in the A5 Adsense online! Specific operation is very simple, as long as the input the domain name of the website, you basically get a lot of data

for the grass-roots webmaster, analyze your website weight is the first step to success, through the analysis of their website weight, can be learned how to improve the weights of the website password, which has become the consensus of many webmasters, the author from four aspects to analysis method of the weights of the website

four: see love Shanghai snapshot of the update speed of

!Three: In fact, this

website ranking high and low directly affects the weight of the website of the high and low, the website ranking is the keywords ranking, when the content of your website and this keyword correlation, and the quality of the content is very high, so the site’s ranking will be higher, the higher the quality of the chain the other website. It is often possible to get a higher ranking, we analyzed the website ranking, you can look at the source of the chain in front of US website, you can view the source of competition site outside the chain of the domain command, which provides a reference for the construction of the chain’s own

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