The change is website construction and website optimization of the biggest taboo

is fickle website always can’t get good rankings, except to the search engine brings the illusion of stability, every change to search engine re assessment is also a very important factor. For example, we will modify the site keywords "Shanghai site construction", certainly not modified ideal will immediate ranking. The search engine is an observation on the website of the assessment mechanism, the assessment of the time according to the website of different lengths are not the same, generally about 1-3 months. If >

search engine optimization algorithm constantly adjust, make more value and quality of the site to the front row, this is a trend. In the future, those who really pay attention to user experience, adhere to the quality of the content will be more and more websites undoubtedly get search engine attention, thus obtaining the ideal ranking. So, we in the website construction and website operation process, should be more from the perspective of the user experience. Unfortunately, although the user experience and value appeal, website operators should be the direction of our efforts. But now more or stay in the theory and the ideal state, just a little look at some keyword ranking site will know, really to win customers and not a lot of content. In contrast, most of the websites rely on quality is not high words, or even copy copy or false original, cheat and get a brief search engine ranking.

two, every change has a system of

website optimization is not stable, what is taboo? Website operation instability, will make the website optimization results almost come to naught. This has been a lot of examples can be corroborated, one can not open the site every two or three days, even if the weight high also cannot maintain lasting good rankings. But the stability of the site is not limited to the web site can not be opened normally, the website revised again and again, the same will be judged as search engine is not stable enough even to the right down. The author of the Shanghai network company pilot technology has a website optimization consultant, his personal blog website theme from Shijiazhuang to Beijing Website Optimization Website optimization, now adjusted to the soft writing. Although this blog is now the ranking is also good, but if you do not frequently change the site title and keywords, will not get better ranking

, a constant change means instability

website construction and website optimization, we are concerned about the search engine every act and every move. Almost every time algorithm to adjust search engine, will cause a commotion. And driven by a large number of sites, in order to constantly adjust the site ranking title, keywords layout and structure. Even in some sites, a year can be adjusted more than ten times the site title, but the result is not. Effect of continuous adjustment to the user experience at the same time, also caused the ranking under repeated fluctuations, and even the site is down right punishment phenomenon. In fact, website optimization is not going to happen overnight, to cater to the search engine removal can get a brief ranking, will not bring any substantial help to the network marketing.


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