Novice webmaster how to avoid Shanghai Longfeng transition optimization


first, we want to know, only when the website has a rich content behind it, we can attract customers. So, if your site is still in the construction process, everything is not mature, do not hastily to do promotion. Imagine, when customers hope to come to your website, but you’re not a real thing for everyone to see, so the customer experience will be very bad, which is very unfavorable for the subsequent development of the website. Which one of the most important, is the construction of the website home page. When the new station was finished, will pay more attention to the interior of the website optimization, but not overly concerned about the search engine. More high quality of the original article, the development of the site is very favorable.

second, when updating the content of the website, the website should be careful not to deviate from the fundamental theme, not indiscriminately update some let website is not harmonious things. First, search engine indexing is your entire site, not only you one article. If the site is not systematic, it is not going to get the favor. In addition, visitors will think your website is not professional, do not have a clear positioning, creating a bad impression. The website is a fatal blow, not careful.

search engine optimization is the webmaster to do every day, the only way to ensure that your website has a good ranking, and maintain the stability of the rankings. But also have a degree of optimization, excessive optimization will also cause great impact on the development of the website. Therefore, excessive optimization is one thing the Shanghai dragon more taboo. To grasp the degree between, we must know the four taboos optimization.

finally, we want to say is the search engine optimization of black hat, black hat SEO industry of cheating ". Black hat Shanghai dragon by the number of inimitable advantages, to create a great convenience and economic benefits, so there has been a large market. However, we still have to say do not depend too much on the optimization and Shanghai dragon black hat, because this is not a legitimate means of market competition. Spam links, hidden web, bridge page, keyword stuffing and so on, once the search engine found it will be on your site to give punishment, reduce weight, or even directly blocked. So, do the optimization we still have to play by the rules, respect the spider, do some practical and innovative.

third, website to choose the method, the method will let the user objectionable is not. For example, bulk mail. You can not send mail, but should be targeted, identify your target customers, with their focus as the mail subject and content, and mail time also pay attention to, it is not fine to say. We need to understand is that now most people for advertising mail is not read, they will not hesitate to delete them. Therefore, this method is not good, will cause a negative impact on the site.

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