Link factory import and export of construction sites to harm others and oneself

more and more sites fall into a deadlock, but remain perplexed despite much thought, the content of the website is the original editor, website structure is also no problem, the website chain is normal exchange, why the website is not able to get the love of Shanghai trust? In fact, for this batch of websites, the author suggests that the webmaster friends check their if the website has become to the object link factory, whether in the early development of a friend chain exchange because now affects the development of the website.

standing on its own website: link angle derived factory damage on our website is very large, the first factory to link reached hundreds of sites, and this site has a number of sites with a large number of gray waste site, we as a regular site layout in which the spiders also love Shanghai not every site to do a detailed analysis, there may be a veto on our website, if this is the case in your website to develop it. The second link factory export link will let the website produce passive harm, derived by link plant spider is not necessarily the best love Shanghai IP, in my opinion the best love of spiders in Shanghai should be 220 bands, and the link factory came spiders more often than not, the site should be careful.

station in the export link site, are too many links will not only damage the weight of their own website, and derive the link if the grey site too much, but also reduce their website image, I saw a news that are a portal for some web portals are grey, finally to be punished and we can see from the export link: if not, it will also affect the overall degree of website. Secondly, outbound links too impact will be on their own website ranking, to know the interaction of force, such as:


now many new sites in the development of the times in order to exchange Links is not to discount the means, whether money or just included the principle of exchange are used, so in the end the website chain also broke the 50 mark even more, the website wants in the future development of "difficult", because of love Shanghai believes that your website is a link to the factory, a derived link factory, there is a part of the site is subject to the link to the factory has been killed, remember I had a warm site before, at that time with a local portal website to exchange a link, at that time did not care think, exchange links with the good website, know where the exchange after the website has not included snapshot, it will not increase, looking for no reason, I think this is not the end Reason of exchange links, so this will be removed from the link to this site, three days after the snapshot site again, included also increased. Finally I analysis, the number of friends of the chain website at least more than 300, and in many of these websites have been K, maybe my website is harm to link the factory, so webmaster friends can not help but ask: "link factory" in the end hurt who

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