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3, customer groups: who can I help? Pay to enjoy some kind of interest, your company, customers are;

7, cost structure: what do I need to pay? Accounting for effort, effort and time, and harvest, validation, efficiency and ways, methods,

7, cost structure: what has been spent? Accounting ROI, confirming efficiency and ways and means;

1, core resources: resources that can be relationships, channels, or bills, etc.;

1, the core resource: who am I? What do I have now? I can compete. I can go for profit.

two years later, the public comment from the tens of billions of dollars, the market value is still far away, but also a few degrees into the acquisition of rumors by giants. Although its CEO Zhang Tao in July to accept the "Chinese entrepreneurs" interview that the public comment can not be acquired, but all the rumors still cast a shadow over the development of public comment. The public comment did not give a positive response to the Tencent’s interview request for this article.

5, important cooperation: who can help me, your boss, your team, your channels, etc.

whether e-commerce, network marketing, or offline sales, business models are nothing more than the following 7:

3, customer groups: who earned the money?

more than seven really just business model? NONO, if applied to ourselves, to our occupation development plan Dudangyimian or reinvent the wheel and so on, will be a great help, do not believe that you look down?.

but the public comment is not too bad. According to group navigation mission 800 data, the public comment in the first half of this year’s share of the purchase from 16% in January increased to 24% in June, and the leader of the United States Group gap narrowed to 14%.

Tencent technology Zhu Xudong reported August 29th


4, value services: what value do you give your customers to identify, trust, rely on you,

radical, for public comment, perhaps also good. In the past year or so, although the public comment on the mobile Internet high-speed train, but it does not seem to adapt to the new fast-paced.

earlier this week, some people broke the news on micro-blog, the U.S. Group requested businesses "two election", but also confirms the intensity of the competition from both sides.

therefore, there have been some radical approaches to the public comment that has always been cautious. The group purchase industry said, when talking about the group purchase in May of this year and the opening of a new theater, public comment and another group purchase website and the cinema about double exclusive, due to the lack of historical data as a reference, the public comment to the other set high package sales, but in the end not completed due to sell at a loss. "They can’t make any money on this one."." He said.

2, key business: what I want to do depends on my own core resources;

6, income source: what have I got? Accounting, effort, effort and time, and harvest, validation, efficiency and ways, methods,

why do people pay attention to the history, research history, investigation, discover and master the internal rules is the main, because only understand these rules, the person is more efficient. Many young people who want to learn how to do business must have heard other people talk about it. What kind of business do you want to do? First go to this line for a few years, and be familiar with it. As a matter of fact, experience is a very general term, and what we need to master is a business model that can be applied to its own business model.

6: income source: what was earned? Accounting ROI, confirmation of efficiency and ways and means;

has not been the focus of the industry and the media for a long time since the "thousand war" came to an end. With sh419 holdings glutinous rice net dust settled, buy again aroused industry curiosity. In the remaining few group buying players, the public has been optimistic about the situation of public comment is particularly noticeable.

in the 2010 and 2011 group buying market outbreak, the public comment was once considered the most promising quality company, and not even long before it can become China’s next valuation of tens of billions of dollars of companies.

with the entry of the giants, the competition will become more intense, the public comment also ushered in their own critical moment.


a group of practitioners told Tencent technology, the United States group and the public comment on the fierce competition, has come to businesses "two choose one" degree. "They are not for exclusive, such as you signed with the United States group, you can sign with other group buying site, but you can not follow the signature. At least in theaters." He said.

encountered the challenges of the mobile Internet

2, critical business: what does it mainly do,

4, value services: how can I help them? Let them recognize you, trust you, trust you;

5, important cooperation: to complete this business, which people need help, can be internal management, support from friends, or channel cooperation, etc.;

got the 7 points, working backwards, you will feel every day the muddle along without any aim, no significant labor? Will feel is doing and >

introduction with the entry of the giants, the competition will become more intense, the public comment also ushered in their own critical moment.

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