Please do not blindly enter the new Shanghai Dragon ndustry

actually do Shanghai dragon mentality, because the search engine is a specific figure we can’t go. So our website in search engine is also changing, when a certain period of time may be because our Shanghai dragon manipulation can’t adapt to the current search algorithm, to our website ranking drop even search engine drop right. If you do not have a normal mind to look at the problem, then you doubt is not suitable for this industry, he should not change the industry. When we love Shanghai site is down right, if we do not have to adhere to a belief that our station will not have a recovery day, said here is not to get.

art foundation is daily on the website of the image processing, such as the big picture on the website of the loading speed appeared, or the website is to modify some simple icons, and promotional single page design and so on. According to my observation there are already some companies with such a demand of Shanghai Longfeng post.

here is why I want to say a certain code reading ability? Many people think that Shanghai dragon is the chain and the article, if you really think that I can only say that you are a rookie. The real Shanghai Longfeng engineers will do is not only these, they pay more attention to the optimization of the internal structure design website. For example, the structure of your site or web search engine crawling rules to design, and your code is not a website to the search engine grab things, but this is in our examination of code reading ability. Do a lot of good Shanghai dragon ER in their daily work in continuous learning code, conquer yourself in this respect if you break the defects then you will enter another level.

said to be good at thinking to learn to sum up analysis of the data, the old Shanghai dragon Er should have a clear understanding, because we know in the time of search engine is analyzed by the conclusion of the website daily data, for example when the website page is not included, we need to view the site log analysis. The spider crawling wherever it out, and then look at the structure of these pages is not a problem.

It is very important to

3. has a basic knowledge of art;

I have some friends who often ask me to do what they think of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the dragon is a very easy and interesting job, they may have not yet entered this industry so do not understand this industry because of it. Now many people think Shanghai dragon is a misunderstanding of what people can do in the industry, and also need to have a lot of conditions that do not Shanghai dragon, so exactly what conditions need to support


2. has a good attitude and belief;


1. requires a certain code reading ability;

4. will be good at thinking, summary and analysis;

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