5 factors influencing keyword relevance

The common degree of I

4, distance. After word segmentation keywords such as complete matching, correlation and search words. For example: Search "lose weight" method, the page to complete the "weight method" four words are the most relevant, such as "lose weight" and "method" two words, not continuous, or close to some of the distance, is the engine that has associated cable.

, 2 frequency density. Is generally believed that without the accumulation of keywords, search keywords in the web page of the higher the frequency, the more relevant search words and description page, but with the development of search engine technology, the importance for frequency density in the correlation calculation in more and more low.

5, link analysis and page weight. In addition to the page itself factor. The links between pages and weight also affects the relevance of keywords, the most important of which is the anchor text, the page has more search words as anchor text links, that the correlation is stronger. This article from: 贵族宝贝hhgps贵族宝贝, Admin5 first, please indicate the source.

, the 3 key words. As mentioned before, the weight related search terms in the page format and location keywords will affect the level of user input. Such as the title tag, H1, black is equal to the more relevant keywords.

The correlation between The position and form of

1, keywords. The search engine after segmenting the keyword input by the user, will analyze the search keywords used, the more commonly used words to search the meaning of the word with the smaller, less commonly used words to search the meaning of a word with more value. For example: the user input "we travel", the word "we" used a very high degree, in a lot of pages will appear, his identification degree on "we travel the search words and the significance of the correlation between contribution is very small. The word "tourism" has practical significance, the use of relatively low degree of significance, contribution to our tour "the search word was much larger. So those who contain the word "tourism" page with "we travel the more relevant search words.

keyword is the webmaster do an important step in the process of Shanghai dragon, we introduced from 5 aspects factors influencing keyword relevance:


we should not when keywords page layout are weighted equally, according to the common degree, word weighting coefficient is not commonly used, words commonly used low weighting coefficient. For example: if A, B two page is the emergence of the "us" and "tourism" two words. The word "we" appears in the A page text in general, "tourism" appears in the A page title tags. The B page "us" appears in the title tag, and "tourism" appears in plain text, so we focused on our tour "of the word, the A page is more relevant.

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