The common vulnerability of building website

Too little

as many years of professional experience in website construction team, a preliminary analysis of smart network enterprise website in common part: No one shows any interest in


uses large space Flash as a web design major

home Banner readable information

The website image page

often asked, is also trying to open up the network marketing road through the construction site, why some companies call received mercy, some enterprise website construction has been completed on-line after No one shows any interest in

a lot of enterprises have already realized the importance of Web site optimization, website optimization is proposed on the site in the production process, the title of the website but only write the name of the enterprise. Of course, the demand is very obvious, is that customers can easily find enterprise website. But in addition to large enterprises, how many people will go to search the company name? Mentioned in the official explanation given in the love of Shanghai, title (the site title) plays an important role in the website optimization. So the smart network generally recommended keywords reasonable arrangement of core products on the site in the title. The website keyword selection, can not be too greedy, choose too popular keywords or excessive pursuit of keyword density will only put yourself into a misunderstanding, deep in the ranking of water cannot.

reflects the corporate image

site title only enterprise name

many enterprise website use website image page, you can better reflect the corporate image. Can not change the general image page, from the website optimization considerations, crawling spider to the home page, and found no updates or changes, it is no longer crawl down, but came back and said that the website was not updated. Even if the website information is updated every day is of no avail. So the smart network does not recommend the use of image page, more do not recommend the use of Flash website image page.

Flash as the main elements of web design, the advantages and disadvantages is obvious. Have to admit, Flash good, to enhance the corporate image. Especially in clothing, beauty, cosmetics and other industries. But Flash is not able to reflect more valuable information, the most important is that the search engine spiders now grab cannot recognize Flash. So clever the establishment of the network, do not recommend Flash as the main elements of web design.

many companies pay to other well-known websites to buy advertising advertising or promotion, but ignore the setting of the most obvious advertising on your site. The majority of enterprises will be the slogan of the concept of enterprise, information on Banner, not this way. From the user experience to consider, customers enter the website first concern is whether your company customers need products, after determining the right products, only to consider other aspects such as customer service service. Why would the main products slightly modified enterprise and placed in the Banner department.

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